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A version of RPM patched for better support of OpenVZ containers. Used by vzpkg/vzyum, required for distros that ships rpm-4.4.

Below you can find the change log and downloads for the latest version of vzrpm44.


Initial public release.



File Size
vzrpm44-4.4.1-22.5.i386.rpm 12 Mb
vzrpm44-python-4.4.1-22.5.i386.rpm 22 Mb


File Size
vzrpm44-4.4.1-22.5.i386.tar.gz 12 Mb
vzrpm44-python-4.4.1-22.5.i386.tar.gz 22 Mb


File Size
popt_zh_CN.po 2 Kb
popt_zh_TW.po 2 Kb
rpm-4.2.1-promoteepoch.patch 739 b 
rpm-4.2.1-python_rpmts.patch 554 b 
rpm-4.3-fsm-magic.patch 5 Kb
rpm-4.3.3-omit-nss.swsoft.patch 8 Kb
rpm-4.4-vzctl.patch 4 Kb
rpm-4.4.1-all-static.patch 778 b 
rpm-4.4.1-check-symlinks.patch 1 Kb
rpm-4.4.1-debugtools.swsoft.patch 4 Kb
rpm-4.4.1-fileconflicts.patch 459 b 
rpm-4.4.1-gcc4.patch 942 b 
rpm-4.4.1-hkp-disable.patch 539 b 
rpm-4.4.1-lock-in-root.swsoft.patch 947 b 
rpm-4.4.1-macros-path.swsoft.patch 403 b 
rpm-4.4.1-matchpathcon.patch 7 Kb
rpm-4.4.1-nonmerged.patch 388 b 
rpm-4.4.1-ordererase.patch 489 b 
rpm-4.4.1-posttrans.patch 541 b 
rpm-4.4.1-prepostun.patch 798 b 
rpm-4.4.1-prereq.patch 697 b 
rpm-4.4.1-python-static.swsoft.patch 6 Kb
rpm-4.4.1-read-macro.patch 390 b 
rpm-4.4.1-zlib-can-2005-2096.patch 509 b 
rpm-4.4.1.tar.gz 11 Mb
rpm.spec 27 Kb
vzrpm44-4.4.1-22.5.src.rpm 11 Mb


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For other template tools, see download/template/utils.

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