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This entry point of OpenVZ wiki is created in order to arrange all the information on this site more logically. Here is a structure something like a table of contents. Each chapter contains a collection of pages that are relevant to subject of the chapter. There can be multiple articles on the same subject in one chapter: one writes an article one way, another does it in another way. It is important that pages in chapters are ordered by the complexity of the material e. g. simpler articles appear first. This allows the OpenVZ novices to read only the first pages of each chapter to get a feature working. Advanced users can quickly go through this table of contents and find more specific information that they actually need.

We urge you to create entries in this table (even without writing the article) in order for the community to know what topics are popular and need to be described. Writing articles is also very useful.

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction to Virtualization Technology
Basic concepts of OpenVZ
Choosing and Installing OpenVZ
First steps inside OpenVZ environment
Resource accounting
Checkpointing and Migration
Working with OpenVZ code
Using specific tools in VE