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Feature comparison of different virtualisation solutions

Parameter OpenVZ-legacy Virtuozzo 6 Virtuozzo 7 OpenVZ Virtuozzo 7 Commercial Proxmox Citrix Xen Microsoft Hyper-V
Virtualization type Containers Containers and hypervisor Containers and hypervisor Containers and hypervisor Containers and hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor
Guest OS support Linux Windows, Linux, FreeBSD Windows, Linux Windows, Linux Windows, Linux, FreeBSD Windows, Linux (limited support) Windows, Linux (limited support)
Unified management tools for CTs and VMs No Yes Yes Yes ??? ??? ???
Central management Yes PVA ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Toolkit for compact of fat ploop images No Yes, pcompact Yes, pcompact Yes, pcompact NA NA NA
Toolkit for migration physical servers to containers No, only instruction Yes, p2c migrate Yes, p2c migrate Yes, p2c migrate ??? ??? ???
Rebootless kernel update No Yes, vzreboot Yes, vzreboot Yes, vzreboot NA NA NA
Pure kernel live updates No, only with external tool KernelCare No, only with external tool KernelCare ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Repair mode for VPS No Yes ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Live migration between servers (no zero downtime) Yes Yes Yes ??? ??? ???
Live migration between servers (zero downtime) No Yes Yes Yes ??? ??? ???
Flexible container OS templates No, only precreated templates Yes, vztemplates Yes Yes ??? ??? ???
Memory deduplication for binary files No Yes, pfcache techology ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Support for cloud storages for containers NFS, and limited Parallels Cloud Storage Yes, Parallels Cloud Storage ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Completely isolated disk subsystem for containers Yes, ploop Yes, ploop Yes, ploop Yes, ploop NA NA NA
Fast and reliable kernel on top of RHEL 2.6.32 Yes Yes (same version as OpenVZ) Yes Yes Yes NA NA
Full backup capability No, but open source solutions exists Yes Yes Yes ??? ??? ???
Incremental backup No, and no open source solutions Yes Yes Yes ??? ??? ???
NUMA optimization (balancing) No, but some open source solutions exists Yes Yes Yes ??? ??? ???
Physical-to-Virtual, Container-to-Virtual migration No Yes Yes Yes ??? ??? ???
API LibVirt Yes, Virtuozzo_ecosystem#API Yes, Virtuozzo_ecosystem#API Yes, Virtuozzo_ecosystem#API ??? ??? ???
Opensource Yes Partially Yes Partially Yes Yes No
Source code Yes ??? Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Support Yes, community support and pay support Yes No Full support Yes Yes Yes
Hosting automation ??? Yes, Odin Automation ??? Yes, Odin Automation ??? ??? ???
Shared storage Odin Cloud Storage Odin Cloud Storage ??? Odin Cloud Storage CEPH? ??? ???
Ability to donate Yes No Yes No Yes ??? ???

Virtuozzo main benefits in comparison to OpenVZ

  • Ability to create Virtual Machines.
In addition to Containers, one can create full-scale VMs using a build-in hypervisor. Both Containers and Virtual Machines are managed by the same tools in a uniform way.
  • Virtuozzo Storage.
A resilient and robust way to unify all your local nodes storage into a single highly available SAN-grade distributed storage system.
  • Higher container density.
Virtuozzo provides efficient memory and file sharing mechanisms (VZFS or pfcache) enabling higher container density and better performance of containers.
  • Unified management tools for CTs and VMs
Virtuozzo ships with number of management, monitoring, troubleshooting, and administration tools significantly reducing management, administration, and deployment costs. Specific tools include:
  • Support and maintenance.
Virtuozzo is a commercial product supported and maintained by Odin with options for 24×7 phone support and guarantees on maintenance schedules.
  • Advanced recovery, monitoring, and back-up tools.
  • Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) and Virtual-to-Physical (V2P) migration tools.
Those tools allow easy conversion of existing physical machines into a container (and vice-versa) facilitating the adoption of virtualized infrastructure.
  • Common client-server XML-based management API.
API allows easily integration of Virtuozzo into existing management infrastructure and development of additional management and monitoring modules.
  • Traffic accounting tools.
These tools enable bandwidth management and control for individual containers and provide additional security mechanisms for containers running on the same host.

Other benefits of Virtuozzo

  • Integration with Plesk solution.
  • Discounts on Plesk licenses.
  • Name-based hosting (no need for public IP for each container).
  • Easy to use installation utility.

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