Different kernel flavors (UP, SMP, ENTERPRISE, ENTNOSPLIT)

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The version of a kernel you need depends on your server hardware. The table below describes the cases when it is better to use each of these kernels:

Kernel flavors list
Kernel type Hardware Use case
UP (uniprocessor) up to 4GB of RAM -
SMP (symmetric multiprocessor) up to 4 GB of RAM 10-20 VPSs
entnosplit (SMP + PAE support) up to 64 GB of RAM 10-30 VPSs
enterprise (SMP + PAE support + 4/4GB split) up to 64 GB of RAM >20-30 VPSs

These kernels are optimized for these types of hardware configurations and usage scenarios, so choosing the right kernel can improve (or descrease) a performance for 5-15%.

Use 'rpm -ihv' command for ovzkernel RPM installation. Please do not use the "rpm -Uhv" command to install the kernel, otherwise all the previously installed kernels may be removed from your system.