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An OpenVZ kernel is the central part of OpenVZ. We maintain a few branches, based on different kernels. Below you'll find a link to all of them. For installation info, check quick installation.

If you are not sure which kernel to download, use RHEL6 (on any distro).


These are stable, supported branches which we take care of.

Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 kernel (2.6.32 based). Stable. EOL: Nov 2019
Latest version is 042stab145.3.


These kernels are candidates to stable. May contain major bugs, but we encourage you to test those.

RHEL7 testing
Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 kernel (3.10 based). Testing.
RHEL6 testing
Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 kernel (2.6.32 based). Testing.
Latest version is 042stab120.7.

Old stuff

These branches are not developed/supported anymore. They are here mostly for the historical reasons. Do not use.

Kernel branches
Testing / Beta
RHEL6 testing
RHEL5 • RHEL4 • 2.6.32 • 2.6.27 • 2.6.26 • 2.6.24 • 2.6.22 • 2.6.20 • 2.6.18 • 2.6.16 • FC5 • SLES10 • 2.6.8