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(since 2.6.24-ovz002.2)

  • SIT tunnel driver fix to work in container.
  • Critical connection tracking bugfixes.
  • "Hide container processes in host system" feature. Controlled by kernel.pid_ns_hide_child sysctl, disabled by default.
  • Fairsched is back based on mainline group scheduling. Container processes are scheduled into one group.
  • Fixed uevent generation in container (OpenVZ Bug #840).
  • Fixed tun netdevice creation in container.
  • Fixes in container's sysfs (OpenVZ Bug #852).
  • Fixed compilation without CONFIG_SYSFS set

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for kernel v2.6.24-ovz004.

Compatibility notes

  • Fields start_tag, value and delay in fairsched proc files are stubbed to zeroes due to complete scheduler internals overhaul.

Config changes

Same as 2.6.24-ovz002.2, plus:

  • +CONFIG_LEGACY_PTYS=y (was forgotten)
  • +CONFIG_UNUSED_SYMBOLS=n (CPT was workarounded, option now unneeded)
  • +CONFIG_VZ_FAIRSCHED=y (Fairsched died, long live Fairsched)