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  • Bug fixes


Same as 022stab050.1 plus:






Patch from Pavel:

Due to numerous complains temporarily turn off area access checking. Problems which caused such a decision are:

  • use of simfs for trusted templates and executing binaries from it without VPS starting
Bug #55131.
  • non-virtualized pipe-fs and sock-fs which brokes stat on some /proc/pid/fd entries. SuSe templates don't work due to this.
Bug #55178.


Patch from Dmitry:

Fixed inability to change ve0 sem parameters. proc_dointvec_minmax() can't handle vectors.


Patch from Alexander:

just a misprints when NETFILTER_DEBUG is on.


Patch from Pavel:

Missed newline in fs-area-check spoils ouptut.


Patch from Pavel:

User-triggerable printk()'s in get/setsockopt with SO_BSDCOMPAT


Patch from Dmitry:

Apply 3 seconds timeout for "detached inode not in creation" messages too.

Bug #49285.


Patch from Kirill:

This patch removes warning on load balance.

Balancing is racy, and it is not fatal anyhow if busiest rq is the current one. printk() under rq->lock can be the much more fatal thing here...

Bug #55290.


Patch from Dmitry:

this patch adds owner_env to primary key for selecting from nl_table in order to avoid collisions due to virt pids.

Bug #55602.


Patch from Alexey:

[PATCH] switch exec_env to ve while inet_release

fput() on a file owned by VPS can be called in context of VPS0. It is critical for TCP to call socket operations in context of correct exec_env.

Bug #55393.


Patch from Denis and Pavel:

When ip_rt_src_check is off we still can try to route multicast/broadcast packets.

Bug #55476.


Patch from Denis:

This patch fixes netlink_autobind to make `ip rule show` works inside VE as it checks the destination PID on the message against value obtained via getpid().

Bug #55602.


Patch from Dmitry:

fixed race between dput_recursive and generic_shutdown_super on root dentry.

Bug #55453.


Patch from Vasiliy:

Fix small typo in /proc/stat


Patch from Dmitry:

fixed race in pagevec_strip

Bug #56040.
Bug #55235.


Patch from mainstream:

[PATCH] ext3: fix log_do_checkpoint() assertion failure

Fix possible false assertion failure in log_do_checkpoint(). We might fail to detect that we actually made a progress when cleaning up the checkpoint lists if we don't retry after writing something to disk. The patch was confirmed to fix observed assertion failures for several users.

When we flushed some buffers we need to retry scanning the list. Otherwise we can fail to detect our progress.

Signed-off-by: Jan Kara <>
Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <>
Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>

GIT: 00ea81459c279f14a7b344320a71c94f60f88929

Bug #56042.


Patch from Pavel:

Show /proc/vmstat entry inside vps, but keep it empty. required for latest vmstat from RHEL4 :(

Bug #56186.