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Since 028stab060.2:

  • Audit in CT0 re-enabled back (OpenVZ Bug #1157)
  • UBC: files precharging/uncharging algorithm corrected
  • Fixed crash while using NFS volume with non-hidden submounts


Same as in 028stab060.2, plus:



No new issues.



Patch from Pavel Emelianov (xemul@):
put audit back but make it work in ve0 only.

Bug #269595
OpenVZ Bug #1157


Patch from Marat Stanichenko (mstanichenko@):
ubc: Make ubc uncharge files in case of abundance precharged files

There is a chance when we do not start uncharging because ub_barrier_farnr() is not hit for UB_NUMFILE and ub_barrier_farsz() is not hit for UB_KMEMSIZE (SLM for example set ubc barrier to a huge value). This fact can lead us to the situation when two tasks are able to consume all of UB_NUMFILE and UB_KMEMSIZE in despite that they close opened files.

Bug #267453.


Patch from Vasily Averin (vvs@):
nfs submount copies super_operations from parent NFS, where it can be replaced by vzquota. As result on unmount of NFS submounts kernel calls vzquota callback and frees resources used by parent NFS that lead to crash on access to super_operations.

We are not going to use vzquota on NFS submounts and replace copy of super_operations for NFS submount by direct set up of required operations.

Bug #267448.


Patch from Marat Stanichenko (mstanichenko@):
Allow CTs write to /proc/pid/loginuid

We should give an ability to write to /proc/$pid/loginuid inside CT and therefore abolish the first hunk of diff-ve-close-audit-in-ct-20090202 patch. Otherwise it affects container's ssh connectivity. Pam complains about impossibility to write to /proc/self/loginuid.

Bug #270484.