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Since 028stab068.9:

  • Rebase to RHEL5.5 kernel 2.6.18-194.3.1.el5 — security and bug fixes, driver updates (see links to RHSA and CVEs below)
  • Bugfixes/improvements:
    • IO scheduler is improved to show a better fairness and performance in certain circumstances
    • fixed POSIX CPU timers work after migration
    • fixed IPv6 netfilter ULOG rule to log into CT
  • New features:
    • kernel-mode nfsd inside CT (#1406)
    • bridge devices inside CTs (#1346)
    • vzevent module (#1427)


  • nfsd and bridge features requires support from vzctl (available since vzctl-3.0.24)


  • Many RH-specific changes due to new kernel

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