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Since 042stab105.4:

  • net: sysfs -- Fix sysctls ordering to avoid kernel WARN (PSBM-31657)
  • ve: net, sysfs -- Drop redundant net_ipv4_route_path (#3039)
  • ve: show /sys/kernel/profiling in CT (read-only) (PSBM-30878)
  • net: fix IPv6 bridged networks (PSBM-31496)
  • net-sysfs: Don't forget to put kobj reference in __dev_change_net_namespace (PSBM-31632)
  • cpt: cleanup pgrp/sid fixup
  • cpt: alloc pids carefully (PSBM-29874, #3171)
  • cpt/inotify: take @mark_lock lock when walking over @mark_entries chain (PSBM-31567)
  • cpt/inotify: dump mark path relative to VEs root_path (PSBM-31567)
  • ve: allow to reassociate process with namespace inside a container (PSBM-31505)
  • caps: Do not lost CAP_SETPCAP bit after capset (PSBM-31494)