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Since 042stab088.4:

  • Rebase to RHEL6.5 2.6.32-431.17.1.el6 kernel (security and bug fixes, see link below)
  • fix for netconsole over bonding (PSBM-26668, RH #1095252, possibly #2231, #2338)
  • netfilter: Always allow arp_tables and eb_tables (PSBM-26630)
  • Recover diff-mm-dont-try-strip-buffer-heads-from-swap-backed-pages (PSBM-26629)
  • cpt: Ignore unexistent ip6tables-save on suspend (PSBM-26770)
  • cpt: Rework saving of ip6tables rules, do not use a new section (PSBM-26768)
  • ub/dcache: do not warn if ub_dentry_lru empty while ub_dentry_unused > 0 (PSBM-25861, PSBM-26695, PSBM-26857)
  • ms/net: guard tcp_set_keepalive() to tcp sockets (PSBM-26232)
  • ms/devpts: fix double-free on mount failure (PSBM-25873)
  • net: bridge -- Do not yield BUG_ON if bridge port name corrupted (PSBM-26021)
  • vzcpt: Add support for saving ipv6 netfilter rules (PSBM-25872, #2916)
  • cpt: swap VE to the right one on frozen tasks print (PSBM-26181)
  • mm: take pagevecs off reclaim stack (PSBM-23683, #2846)
  • smp: Fix SMP function call empty cpu mask race (PSBM-18528)
  • cpt: fix silly bug on ve swap for frozen tasks print (PSBM-26262)
  • vmscan: del pages from gang before feeding them to free_hot_cold_page_list (PSBM-26284)
  • ubc/net: break cycle in skb_charge_datalen() (PSBM-25454)
  • cpt: "thaw ve" proc toggle introduced (PSBM-21076, PSBM-20418)
  • rst: add debug to iterations engine (PSBM-24661)
  • mm: do not account gang migration as numa misses (PSBM-26309)
  • rh: revert "vfs: stop d_splice_alias creating directory aliases" (PSBM-25861)
  • ve: resurrect /proc/sysvipc/{msg,sem,shm} files
  • net: do not change ub for per-net exit ops (PSBM-26242)
  • ext4: drop pfcache csum on fallocate
  • ub/dcache: ub_dcache_next: do not loop infinitely if ub_dentry_lru screwed up (PSBM-25861)
  • dcache: don't set DCACHE_BCTOP on pseudo dentries
  • ve: fix check for allowed iptables modules wrt newly loaded ones

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