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Since 042stab092.3:

  • Rebase to RHEL6 kernel 431.23.3.el6 (security, bug fixes, and enhancements -- see link below)
  • cpt: fix misprint in checking SSE4_2 cpu feature before migration (PSBM-27976)
  • ms/sysfs: refresh sysfs directory inode i_nlink according num of subdirs on each getattr request (PSBM-21711)
  • bc/io: added numbers of read & write completed requests in file /proc/bc/$CTID/iostat (PSBM-27730)
  • ve/kmod: add iptable_raw to the list of autoloaded modules
  • ve/net/netfilter/ipset: prohibit ipset from the inside CT (PSBM-27792, #2644)
  • cpt: restore tasks stopped on rh5 kernels (v2) (PSBM-28401, #3018)
  • cpt: add CAP_IPC_LOCK capability to restore locked vma (PSBM-27938)
  • rst: handle LOCK_MAND on restore of file locks (PSBM-28182)
  • cpt: use helpers to allocate request_sock (PSBM-28004)
  • cpt: CPT_TEST_VECAPS2 -- do copy unsupported features to userspace
  • cpt: don't increase addrlen for AF_PACKET socket (#2969)
  • cpt: move delayfs finish printk below (PSBM-27131)
  • sched: fix output of vestat:idle (PSBM-28403, #3035)
  • sched: cpu.proc.stat: always count nr_running and co on all cpus (PSBM-28277)
  • ploop: purge plo->map on merge (PSBM-27891)
  • mm/slab: do not grow cache if over free_limit (PSBM-28323)
  • mm: zone_reclaim: make isolate_lru_page() filter-aware (PSBM-28058)
  • bc: fix race in bc_dcache_show() (PSBM-27847, PSBM-27039, PSBM-26721)
  • ve/vps_dumpable: naming and description for task->mm->vps_dumpable values (PSBM-27155)
  • cpt: add socket inode uid and gid fields in dump (#2969, PSBM-28424)
  • vmscan: allow to writepage on ub reclaim (PSBM-28440)

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