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Since 042stab102.9:

  • Rebase onto RHEL6.6 kernel 2.6.32-504.3.3.el6 (security and bug fixes, see link below)
  • ext4: drop inode from orphan list if ext4_delete_inode() fails (PSBM-31199)
  • Config change: CONFIG_NF_CT_PROTO_GRE is not set (PSBM-25735, #3155, #2801)
  • Do not show /proc/cgroups contents inside CT (fix Gentoo CT start, PSBM-31107)
  • bc/dcache: fix race between shrinker and unmount (PSBM-31039, #3158)
  • ub/cached: make sure meminfo:MemFree+Cached+Slab<=MemTotal (PSBM-31006)
  • netfilter: MARK -- drop off @table entity to support rhel5 containers, v2 (PSBM-30390)
  • netlink: old behaviour for VE_NET_ADMIN capability check (PSBM-31125, #3137, #3157, #3160)
  • cpt: cpt_dump_iptables: additional ipv6 check (PSBM-31108)
  • cpt: Fix problem of old tar which does not support --transform option (PSBM-31038, #3167)
  • ploop: fix busyloop on secondary discard bio (PSBM-30451, #3124)
  • cpt: Hack for restoring of read-only tmpfs mounts in Fedora 21 (PSBM-30706)
  • arch: x86: fix xsaves/xrstors feature detection (PSBM-30887)
  • cpt: restore fxsave dump on xsave machine and vice versa (PSBM-30182, PSBM-30881)
  • vzcpt: Ignore ipv6 conntracks on restore
  • cpt: remove rdrand (bit 29) from CPT_UNSUPPORTED_MASK (PSBM-30920)
  • simfs: start_write/end_write hooks implementation (#3140, PSBM-30932)
  • arch/x86: take into account cpuid faulting when checking cpu caps
  • arch: mask cpuid 0x00000007 features in /proc/cpuinfo (PSBM-30880)
  • cpt: Delete nlm_reserved_pids (PSBM-30639)
  • cpt: take into account cpuid faulting when checking cpu caps
  • cpt: add check for rdrand cpu capability (PSBM-30727)

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