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Since 042stab134.3:

  • Running Ubuntu containers with systemd 229-4ubuntu21.8 could result in application failures due to /run/lock/ permission issues. (PSBM-89993)
  • Running Ubuntu containers with systemd 229-4ubuntu21.9 could result in services failing to start because systemd-tmpfiles was unable to validate path due to symlinking issues. (PSBM-90038)
  • Host with multiple ploop devices running on a debug kernel could crash in sysfs_addrm_start() on container stop. (PSBM-89413)
  • Ploop resize could fail and lead to access beyond the end of device. (PSBM-89687)
  • Ploop over Virtuozzo Storage: in rare cases, resize could lead to ploop image corruption. (PSBM-89855)

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