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ploop is a tool and a library to control ploop block devices.

Warning.svg Warning: this is an old version of ploop. For the latest version, see Download/ploop/1.15.

Compatibility notes

  • this version requires running vzkernel >= 2.6.32-042stab061.1
  • DiskDescriptor.xml created by older ploop versions are converted to current format
  • there were a few incompatible library API changes, see below


Since version 1.4

New functionality

  • switch from old /dev/ploop/ symlink-based to new in-kernel cookie registration
  • snapshots: switch to schema with constant top delta uuid
  • use /proc/vz/ploop_minor based interface to get free minor
  • if ploop device is in maintenance state, try to complete it before doing snapshot/resize/merge/mount/umount/copy operation
  • ploop mount: use in-kernel I/O module autodetection
  • ploop balloon discard: new iterative compacting support
  • ploop balloon discard: implement --stat
  • ploop balloon discard: implement --automount
  • ploop balloon discard: cancellation support
  • ploop balloon: allow DiskDescriptor.xml argument
  • ploop umount: implement -c component_name
  • ploop list: implement
  • /sbin/mount.ploop: do load ploop modules

Bug fixes

  • do not crash on empty DiskDescriptor.xml (libxml2 workaround)
  • ploop convert: fix converting from expanded to raw
  • ploop copy: fixed check for opened fd
  • ploop copy: do not leak opened fds
  • ploop create: fix gpt partition creation to be 4096 aligned
  • ploop create, resize: round up size to be cluster aligned
  • tools: few exit code fixes
  • multiple usage, log and error message fixes


  • ploop mount: check that mount point is a directory
  • ploop umount: reduce retry count from 60 to 6
  • ploop umount: print lsof output in case of failed umount
  • ploop create: for prealloc image, use ftruncate if fallocate not supported
  • ploop create, resize: add check for correct block device size
  • scripts: de-bash-ify
  • assorted code refactoring, cleanups and nitpicks

Library API changes

  • add ploop_resolve_functions() to aid in dynamic library loading
  • introduce optimized ploop_get_info_by_descr(), remove ploop_get_info()
  • replace ploop_{alloc,read}_diskdescriptor() with ploop_read_disk_descr()
  • remove ploop_getdevice()

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for ploop-1.5.


For other ploop releases, see download/ploop/Archives.

For other tools, see download/utils.

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