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Шаблон это образ ОС (т.е. Linux дистрибутива) подготовленный для установки в контейнер.

Предварительно созданные шаблоны различных дистрибутивов.


  Warning: Данное ПО никем не поддерживается. Не используйте его, не отправляйте отчеты об ошибках о нем.
Template utilities are programs designed to assist with template maintenance, such as the creation and update of templates and containers. Currently these consists of vzpkg, vzyum and several versions of the RPM utility repackaged for OpenVZ. All this is optional and currently only works on systems with x86 architecture and with python <= 2.4.
Template metadata is data needed to (re)create or update template cache using template utilities. Metadata for a template contains the following information: list of packages that form this template; locations of package repositories; scripts needed to be executed on various stages of template installation; public GPG key(s) needed to check signatures of packages; additional OpenVZ-specific packages.

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