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  • Directory structure reorganization in order to be FHS-conformant.
  • Support for veth device.
  • Virtualization for /proc/meminfo.
  • Switch to new versioning scheme.
  • Other fixes and improvements.


  • veth and /proc/meminfo virtualization functionality requires 026test014 or later kernel
  • Changed directory structure:
    • /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts → /etc/vz/conf
    • /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/dists → /etc/vz/dists
    • /etc/sysconfig/vz → /etc/vz/vz.conf

Detailed changes

  • vzctl:
    • Added virtual ethernet device support (--veth_add, --veth_del)
    • Added /proc/meminfo virtualization support (--meminfo mode:value)
    • Added VE0 UB setup functionality (--reset-ub)
    • Switched to new versioning scheme
    • Added -z option to /sbin/init (OpenVZ Bug #164)
    • Reset standart file desc [0-2] to /dev/null in case they are closed
    • Added possibility to set cpulimit in per cent
    • Added suffixes G, M, K support for --diskspace option
    • Set SIGPIPE handler to SIG_IGN before fist write to stdout/err
    • Added Debian packaging support
    • Better distribution detection in vz initscript
    • Added Ubuntu distribution configuration file as copy of Debian (OpenVZ Bug #119)
    • Increased kmemsize, privmpages, numfiles for x86_64 ve-vps.basic.conf-sample (OpenVZ Bug #69)
    • Changed -p to --preserve=mode,ownership for 'cp' workaround in case /proc is not mounted (OpenVZ Bug #153)
    • Internal modifications:
      • Changed dynamic UB structure to static one
      • Moved VPS configure functionality to vps_configure.c
      • Moved destroy functionality to destroy.c
  • vzmigrate:
    • Move config to veid.migrated to allow backward migration (OpenVZ Bug #152)
    • Added copying of action scripts (OpenVZ Bug #157)
    • Fixed --keep-dst option processing. Option behavior was inverted.