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* Feature 'sysfs' is now on by default
* Feature 'sysfs' is now on by default
* Added new CT parameter: <code>bootorder</code> ({{B|1300}})
* Added new CT parameter: <code>bootorder</code> ({{B|1300}})
<includeonly>[[{{PAGENAME}}/changes#Patches|{{Long changelog message}}]]</includeonly><noinclude>
<includeonly>[[{{PAGENAME}}/changes|{{Long changelog message}}]]</includeonly><noinclude>
* Added <code>delete</code> alias for <code>destroy</code> command
* Added <code>delete</code> alias for <code>destroy</code> command
* Added unlimited CT config ({{B|1080}})
* Added unlimited CT config ({{B|1080}})
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* Other fixes big and small not mentioned above (including {{B|861}}, {{B|1306}}, {{B|1307}}, {{B|1308}}, {{B|1309}}, {{B|1280}}, {{B|1206}}, {{B|1043}}, {{B|1087}}, {{B|1350}}, {{B|1282}}, {{B|993}}, {{B|478}}, {{B|1389}}, {{B|1089}}, {{B|1339}}, {{B|1078}}, {{B|1095}})
* Other fixes big and small not mentioned above (including {{B|861}}, {{B|1306}}, {{B|1307}}, {{B|1308}}, {{B|1309}}, {{B|1280}}, {{B|1206}}, {{B|1043}}, {{B|1087}}, {{B|1350}}, {{B|1282}}, {{B|993}}, {{B|478}}, {{B|1389}}, {{B|1089}}, {{B|1339}}, {{B|1078}}, {{B|1095}})
{{Git log|vzctl|vzctl-3.0.24||}}
{{Git log|vzctl|vzctl-3.0.24||}}

Latest revision as of 22:02, 25 June 2010


  • Added new swappages UBC parameter
  • Added new vzctl set --features: ppp, ipgre, bridge, nfsd.
  • Feature 'sysfs' is now on by default
  • Added new CT parameter: bootorder (#1300)
  • Added delete alias for destroy command
  • Added unlimited CT config (#1080)
  • Added support for vps.create global user script
  • Added support for premount and postumount global and per-CT user scripts
  • Added ability to run vzctl set --save on a non-OpenVZ kernel (with --force, #847)
  • Added new global parameter ERROR_ON_ARPFAIL (#919)
  • Added vzctl enter --exec cmd (#658)
  • vzctl start --wait: added support for Ubuntu 9.10
  • Fixed working with long (more than 50 characters) CT names in vzctl/vzlist
  • Fixed using vzctl enter with busybox sh (#1314)
  • vzctl create: fix race vs init.d/vz (#495)
  • vzctl: allow dots in CT names (#1412)
  • vzctl set --iptables: add support for ipt_recent (#117)
  • vzctl set 0 --ioprio: made it working (#1062)
  • vzctl set ... --setmode: made it working for some cases not covered before (#1445)
  • vzctl set --hostname: fix removing short "ghost" names left in /etc/hosts (#1263)
  • vzctl set: fix handling config files which are cross-device symlinks (#1270)
  • vzctl set --ipdel all: fixed removing IPs from CT
  • vzctl start: mount /proc and /sys in container
  • vzctl chkpnt: remove dump file in case of error (#1201)
  • vzctl chkpnt: release cpt context before umounting root area
  • vzctl chkpnt/restore: handle hardlink directory (helps with live migrating CT over NFS)
  • vzctl restart: made it understand all 'start' and 'stop' options (#653)
  • vzctl runscript: do not umount CT if it was mounted before
  • vzctl status, vzlist: added new state — suspended
  • vzlist: added new fields: onboot, bootorder, swappages, ioprio (#1526) and ostemplate
  • vzlist: fixed swapping cpulimit and cpuunits for stopped CTs
  • vzlist: allow to list stopped CT's CPU parameters when OpenVZ is not loaded
  • vzlist: do not print spaces at end-of-line (#1419)
  • vzmigrate: added --rsync option (#640)
  • vzmigrate: add support for CT names (#1333)
  • vzmigrate: remove CT name after unsuccessful migration (#1413)
  • vzmigrate: check exit code from rsync (#1066, #1104, #1006, #879)
  • vzmigrate: fix export statement in dash (#1394)
  • vzmigrate: do not fail to migrate stopped CT when DISK_QUOTA=off (#1094)
  • vzmigrate: saner error messages, other cleanups
  • vzsplit: honor blocksize when calculating DISKSPACE (#912)
  • init.d/vz: print warning if IP forwarding is not enabled (#1079)
  • Fixed adding ARP records on network interface up (#556)
  • Fixed sending ARP if NEIGHBOUR_DEVS=detect (#1344)
  • Fixed IPv6 configuration on a debian lenny container (#824)
  • Fixed large CT checkpointing (when dump file size is more than 2GB)
  • Sanitized PATH variable for various vzctl actions (#1304)
  • bash-completion: add new parameters, multiple fixes (including #1388)
  • man/vzctl.8: document vzctl exit codes (#1274)
  • Some error messages fixed (proper English-wise)
  • A man page vps.conf(5) renamed to ctid.conf(5)
  • Lost of other man page fixes (including #1320, #1323, #903, #920, #879)
  • Code cleanups
  • Build system: enable silent build rules by default
  • Other fixes big and small not mentioned above (including #861, #1306, #1307, #1308, #1309, #1280, #1206, #1043, #1087, #1350, #1282, #993, #478, #1389, #1089, #1339, #1078, #1095)

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for vzctl-3.0.24.


  • New features (ipgre, bridge, nfsd, ppp) and new UBC parameter (swappages) requires appropriate kernels that support these


OpenVZ project would like to thank the following people who contributed patches and/or provided bugreports for this vzctl release:

  • Dmitry V. Levin
  • mathgl
  • Ola Lundqvist
  • Peter Volkov
  • Cyrill Gorcunov
  • Ivan Vilata i Balaguer
  • Dietmar Maurer
  • Marcin Owsiany
  • Marat Stanichenko
  • Raphael Hertzog
  • М. Alhimenko
  • Petter Reinholdtsen
  • Slava Semushin
  • Floris Bos
  • Thomas Werschlein
  • Igor Sviridov
  • Andjelko Horvat
  • Konstantin Pavlov
  • Dimitri Puzin
  • Ignace Mouzannar
  • Piavlo
  • Roman Ustyugov
  • mogorva
  • Andrey Vagin
  • James Stanley
  • Matthias-Christian Ott
  • Àrea de Sistemes, ITI
  • Scott Dowdle
  • Kirill A. Korinskiy
  • Derek Poon
  • Raphael Geissert
  • Dennis P. Nikolaenko