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  • Removed cron scripts to handle cleanup and reboot (#1423)
  • Introduced vzeventd to handle cleanup and reboot (#1519)
  • vzctl start/runscript: add ability to set per-CT kernel version (/etc/vz/osrelease.conf) — support for Fedora 14 etc. (#1709)
  • vzctl set --pci_{add,del}: add the ability to move PCI devices to CT
  • Removed FAKEGATEWAY routing for all distros (except for very old ones) (#1659)
  • vzctl --help: improve/reformat, add quota* commands
  • vzctl set: remove obsoleted --veth_{add,del} options
  • vzctl set --applyconfig: fix for DISK_QUOTA
  • vzctl set: implement --diskquota on|off
  • vzctl set --devnodes: always try to recreate device in CT
  • vzctl set --features: fix enabling sysfs by default
  • vzctl set --features bridge: enable CAP_NET_ADMIN automatically
  • vzctl start: do not fail to start CT if ioprio is unsupported
  • vzctl start: hint to check kernel log if CT start fails
  • vzctl delete: take care of premount/postumount scripts
  • vzctl quota*: report an error if disk quota is disabled
  • bash_completion: various fixes and improvements
  • vzlist: introduce uptime field
  • vzmigrate: add ability to increase verbosity (-vv…)
  • etc/init.d/vz*: do not run stop inside a container (#1655)
  • etc/dists/scripts/* fix mtab perms
  • etc/ve-basic.conf-sample: increase LOCKEDPAGES (Fedora 14 and Ubuntu 10.10 wanted more)
  • scripts/vps-create: use -Sp options for tar
  • scripts/vps-create: fix VE_PRVT permissions
  • man/vzctl.8: describe action scripts (#1273)
  • man/vzctl.8: document 'suspended' status
  • man/vzctl.8: describe quotaon/quotaoff/quotainit commands
  • man/vzctl.8: add/describe 'vzquota on failed' exit code (60)
  • man/*: describe/fix DISK_QUOTA/--diskquota
  • Do not allow INT_MAX CT ID (since kernel doesn't like it)
  • Fixed vzctl udev rule to conform to recent udev (#1642)
  • Scripts: do not use full path to ip utility (#1643)
  • Code cleanups, refactoring, other minor fixes

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for vzctl-3.0.25.


  • All the cron trickery (used for CT reboot and network cleanup) is removed from this release. If you have something non-standard in /etc/vz/cron/ directory, this is no longer managed by the vz initscript.
  • This release contains a small daemon called vzeventd, which takes care of CT reboot and network cleanup. Details can be found in vzeventd(8) man page. Note that the kernel should support vzevent feature.
  • vzctl set --pci_{add,del} feature needs support from the kernel. Currently this is only available in RHEL6 kernels starting from 042test003.


OpenVZ project would like to thank the following people who contributed patches and/or provided bugreports for this vzctl release (in no particular order):

  • Solar Designer
  • Benjamin Henrion
  • Apollon Oikonomopoulos
  • Peter Volkov
  • Ola Lundqvist
  • Mehdi Dogguy
  • Thorsten Schifferdecker
  • Dietmar Maurer
  • Roman Veretelnikov
  • Alexander Prinsier