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OpenVZ container package tools.

Below you can find the change log and downloads for the latest version of vzpkg.


A lot of exciting new features, like support for different architectures and different sets for the same OS template, but brings in incompatible changes at the same time. So read on for the full changelog and upgrade instructions.

  • support for different (per OSTEMPLATE) rpm versions (OpenVZ Bug #27)
  • support/requirement for customized yum -- vzyum
  • rpm/yum now executes scripts in VPS context
  • mounting of /proc is done in VPS context (by our init)
  • support for template sets (OpenVZ Bug #15)
  • support for per-ostemplate .rpmmacros (OpenVZ Bug #16)
  • fixed OpenVZ Bug #28 (vzyum should exit if there's no relevant yum.conf)
  • included statically built myinit for different platforms
  • added vzosname utility
  • added requirement for procmail (needed for lockfile util)
  • fixed OpenVZ Bug #63 (template cache should not be created if install-post fails)


Requires vzctl >= 2.7.0-24, vzyum >= 2.4.0-11, vztmpl* >= 2.0

[ See full changelog here… ]



File Size
vzpkg-2.7.0-18.noarch.rpm 39 Kb


File Size
vzpkg-2.7.0-18.noarch.tar.gz 40 Kb


File Size
vzpkg-2.7.0-18.src.rpm 38 Kb
vzpkg-2.7.0-18.tar.bz2 35 Kb
vzpkg.spec 2 Kb


For other vzpkg releases, see download/vzpkg/Archives.

For other template tools, see download/template/utils.

Template Tools
vzpkg • vzyum • vzrpm43 • vzrpm44
Versions of vzpkg