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|| Russia, Moscow
|| Russia, Moscow
|| <small>Link 100 Mbit, updated hourly</small>
|| <small>Link 100 Mbit, updated hourly</small>
<!-- Admin: info@mjwebhosting.nl -->
|| Mj webhosting
|| [http://mirror.serverbeheren.nl/openvz http]
| align="center" | —
|| Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands
|| <small>Updated every hour. Available on ipv4 and ipv6. 1 gbit uplink.<br/>Rsync: rsync://mirror.serverbeheren.nl/openvz

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OpenVZ software is available from download.openvz.org via http and ftp.

The software is also available from a number of mirrors. See the table below.

OpenVZ Mirrors
Host http ftp Physical location Notes
openvz.org http ftp USA, Virginia, Mc Lean Master site. Also available via rsync, see Setting up a mirror.
rapidvps.com http ftp USA, Florida
iij.ad.jp http ftp Japan, Tokyo, Chiyoda
yandex.ru http ftp Russia, Moscow Also available via rsync: mirror.yandex.ru::mirrors/download.openvz.org/
xfes.ru http ftp Russia, Moscow 100 mbit link to M9 bone. Also available via rsync: rsync://mirror.xfes.ru/openvz
wicks.co.nz http ftp New Zealand
proserve.nl http ftp Netherlands (Holland), Amsterdam 1Gbit connection, in a 25Gbit network.
Also available via rsync: rsync://openvz.proserve.nl::openvz
xservers.ro http Romania, Bucharest Speeds up to 100Mbps from outside country, up to 1Gbps within Romania
hostcentral.net.au http ftp Australia, Melbourne 100Mb/s.
Also available via rsync: rsync://mirror.as24220.net/openvz
Ircam.fr http ftp Paris, France Also available via rsync: rsync://mirrors.ircam.fr/openvz/
Ubiquity Servers http USA, Illinois, Chicago
copahost.com http Germany Updated 4 times a day
Netriplex.com http USA, North Carolina, Asheville Updated every 6 hours
Steadfast Networks http ftp Chicago, IL, USA Sync Frequency: hourly
This mirror is available via IPv4 and IPv6 and is on an uncapped gigabit line.
Europhase UK http London, United Kingdom 1000mbit, updates each hour
balticservers.com http ftp Lithuania, Šiauliai Updated every two hours
InterServer, Inc http USA, New Jersey, Secaucus 100 mbps, updated 3 times per day
Also available via rsync: rsync://mirror.trouble-free.net/openvz
RUE Beltelecom http ftp Belarus, Minsk 2Gbps, http, ftp, rsync, @hourly
Yamagata University http ftp Yonezawa, Yamagata, JAPAN 1 Gbps, updated 4 times per day
Also available via rsync: rsync://ftp.yz.yamagata-u.ac.jp/pub/openvz/
IHC.ru http Moscow, Russia 1 Gbps, updated hourly
THZ Hosting http Bangkok, Thailand Updated every 4 hours
Ello Group http ftp Newcastle, UK Updated hourly
Apollo Hardware http ftp Romania, Timisoara Updated every 2 hours
YourConnect Co.,Ltd. http ftp Thailand, Bangkok Updated 6x daily
Also available via rsync: mirror.yourconnect.com::openvz
Softaculous http Germany Updated once a day
FDCServers.net http ftp USA, Illinois, Chicago Updated every 2 hours
SecureAX Internet http Singapore Updated daily at 2359hrs GMT+8
BOFH.so http ftp Paris, France Updated hourly, 100 mbps, IPv6
Also available via rsync://mirror.bofh.so/download.openvz.org/
Abdicar http ftp Costa Rica, Heredia updated hourly
Also available via rsync: mirrors.abdicar.com::costarica_OpenVZ
JustHosting http ftp Germany, Falkenstein Connected at 100 mbit link, hourly updates
Also available via rsync://openvz.just-hosting.ru/openvz
HitMe.pl http ftp Gdansk Poland Link 100 Mbit, updated hourly
nlab.su http ftp Russia, Moscow Link 100 Mbit, updated hourly
Mj webhosting http Enschede, Overijssel, Netherlands Updated every hour. Available on ipv4 and ipv6. 1 gbit uplink.
Rsync: rsync://mirror.serverbeheren.nl/openvz

Create a mirror

If you want to mirror OpenVZ site, see Setting up a mirror.