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  • Be on time for your booth duty
  • If you can not fulfill your booth duty, you need to find a colleague to replace – please let know in advance
  • If you leave the booth during your duty, please notify Grant
  • Everybody needs to ensure that every customer is “scanned” before leaving the booths, if lead retrieval scanner is available
  • For qualified leads, please use the paper lead sheet provided at the demo stations
  • When you leave the booth, give the scanner to the colleague next on duty or back to Grant
  • The booth is swamped with people – please help to man the booth (even if you are not on duty)
  • NO coats / bags at the booth – no exceptions, please respect! The show usually provides a cloakroom
  • Dress Code: OpenVZ/CRIU T-shirts (long sleeves or polo shirts). We usually not provide clothes at the show – please do not forget to bring yours.