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Kernel patches

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This document describes how to contribute your patches to the OpenVZ kernel. In a nutshell, the process is similar to the one for the upstream kernel — we use git for source control and a mailing list for communication.


Source code

Kernel source code is available from git repository at

To clone, use

git clone


As with the upstream kernel, modifications to the code should conform to the Linux kernel coding style.

Preparing patches

Use git format-patch to prepare your patches. See git documentation for more info.


There is a tool (scripts/ that should be used to check your patches. Use

./scripts/ *.patch

It will produce a detailed report on style problems in your patch(es). Make sure to fix all the errors (some warnings may be ignored) before sending.

Sending patches

Please send your patches to devel (AT) mailing list, preferably using git send-email.

You need to be subscribed in order to post. The list is managed by mailman, there are two ways to subscribe:

  1. Send an email to devel-join (AT)
  2. Use a web interface at
  Note: You need to be subscribed first in order to be able to post.

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