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OpenVZ is a project that combines the following container virtualization technologies for Linux:

  • Virtuozzo kernel, a Linux kernel with patches that implements OpenVZ kernel functionality.
  • Management utilities, such as vzctl, for managing container life cycle.
  • Checkpoint/Restore In Userspace, or CRIU, is a software tool for Linux that enables you to freeze a running application (or a part of it) and checkpoint it to a hard drive as a collection of files. You can then use the files to restore and run the application from the point it was frozen at.
  • Ploop is a disk loopback block device, not unlike loop but with many features like dynamic resize, snapshots, backups etc. The main idea is to put container filesystem in a file.
  • P.Haul is the project on top of CRIU that implements the live migration usage scenario.
  • LibCT is a container management library that provides a convenient API for front-end programs for managing the entire container life cycle.
  • VCMMD is a Virtuozzo Containers memory management daemon. Upstream technology to manage containers memory.

 OpenVZ is free open source software, available under GNU GPL or compatible licenses.

Virtuozzo is a Linux distribution based on OpenVZ components.

OpenVZ uses GIT for source control. Attention: we use different workflows for userspace and kernel patches.


Use cases

  • Hosting
  • Server consolidation
  • Development and testing
  • Educational

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