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When an OpenVZ release reaches its “end of life” it receives no further maintenance updates, including critical security upgrades. It is highly recommended that you upgrade to a recent version of Ubuntu at this point.

For information on previous and upcoming releases and please see table below for more details.

OpenVZ versions Lifecycle Policy

Product OpenVZ-legacy (RHEL4 based) OpenVZ-legacy (RHEL5 based) OpenVZ-legacy (RHEL6 based) Virtuozzo 7 OpenVZ
Release date 19 Mar 2008 9 Jul 2010 14 Oct 2011 NA
EOL May 2013 Feb 2018 Nov 2019 NA
Kernel branch RHEL4 (2.6.9) RHEL5 (2.6.18) RHEL6 (2.6.32) RHEL7

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