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To set up a mirror of OpenVZ download site, you should use a separate VE (or a dedicated server, but a VE is sufficient). The mirrored contents should be available through HTTP and optionally FTP.

To initially mirror the contents, run

rsync -av --delete rsync:// /local/path

Next step is to add the cron job to run rsync regularly (at least hourly).

When you are ready to open up your mirror, set up HTTP and FTP access to it. Preferrably, the mirror should be available at or (same with ftp).

Final step is to announce the mirror by sending an email to It should contain the following information:

  • physical location of your site (country, state/province, city)
  • frequency of updates
  • URL(s) to access the mirror

Some stats

OpenVZ download site is about 10GB now (June 2006), so your mirror will need at least the same space. It is growing at about 1GB a month or so.

The traffic is about 100 to 200 GB per month; it should me lower than that for your mirror.

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