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updates regarding to new OpenVZ 7 release
<!-- [[Image:Parallels {{Virtuozzo Containers box.jpg|right]] -->'''Virtuozzo''' is [ Odin] virtualization and automation solution built on top of OpenVZ. Virtuozzo provides improvements and additional functionality in the areas of density, management tools, recovery, and other areas. Specific benefits of Virtuozzo compared to OpenVZ can be found below:}}
== Main <translate><!--T:1-->'''OpenVZ''' 7.0 is a virtualization and automation solution built on top of OpenVZ components. OpenVZ 7 provides improvements and additional functionality in the areas of density, management tools, recovery, etc. Specific benefits ==of OpenVZ compared to other virtualization solutions can be found in [[Comparison|this article]].
* Ability to create Virtual Machines.<!--T: In addition to Containers, one can create full2-scale VMs using build-in Odin Hypervisor. Both Containers >Virtuozzo is built on top of OpenVZ technologies but provides more features, services, and Virtual Machines are managed by the same tools in a uniform waysupport.
* Parallels Cloud Storage.== Components == <!--T: A resilient and robust way to unify all your local nodes storage into a single highly available SAN3--grade distributed storage system.>
* Higher container density.<!--T:4-->OpenVZ consists from open components and includes: PCS provides efficient memory and file sharing mechanisms (VZFS or pfcache) enabling higher container density and better performance of containers.
<!--T:5-->* Unified management tools for CTs and VMs[[Download/kernel/rhel7|RHEL7 kernel]], RHEL7-based kernel, a Linux kernel with patches that implements OpenVZ kernel functionality.: PCS ships with number of management* [[CRIU|Checkpoint/Restore In Userspace]], monitoring, troubleshootingor CRIU, is a software tool for Linux that enables you to freeze a running application (or a part of it) and administration tools significantly reducing management, administration, checkpoint it to a hard drive as a collection of files. You can then use the files to restore and deployment costsrun the application from the point it was frozen at. Specific tools include:<ul>* [[QEMU]]/KVM: <li> * [[http://wwwP.odinHaul]] is the project on top of CRIU that implements the live migration usage* [[LibVirt]] -suite/pva Odin Virtual AutomationAPI to manage virtual machines as well as containers * [[Libprlsdk|Virtuozzo SDK]]</li>is our own API to manage virtual machines and containers with Python bindings.* and [[:Category: <li> Number of additional CLI tools.</li></ul>Sub-projects | other components]]
* Support and maintenance.== Download == <!--T:Virtuozzo is a commercial product supported and maintained by Odin with options for 24×7 phone support and guarantees on maintenance schedules.6-->
* Advanced recovery, monitoring<!--T:7-->[ Download] installation ISO image, burn image to DVD and boot yourcomputer from this DVD. Follow installation steps and back-up toolsget installed OpenVZ. Follow steps in article [[Upgrade script from OpenVZ to Virtuozzo 7|migrate containers from OpenVZ]] if you want to upgrade to the next version.
* Physical== See also == <!-to-Virtual (P2V) and VirtualT:8-to-Physical (V2P) migration tools>* [[Roadmap]]* [[Releases]]* [ OpenVZ 7 documentation]* [https: Those tools allow easy conversion of existing physical machines into a container (and vice-versa) facilitating the adoption // OpenVZ 7 source code]* [[Comparison]] of virtualized infrastructure.different virtualisation solutions
* Common client-server XML-based management API.: API allows easily integration of Virtuozzo into existing management infrastructure and development of additional management and monitoring modules.</translate>
* Traffic accounting tools.: These tools enable bandwidth management and control for individual containers and provide additional security mechanisms for containers running on the same host. == Other benefits of Virtuozzo == * Integration with [ Odin Plesk] solution.* Discounts on Plesk licenses.* Name-based hosting (no need for public IP for each container).* Easy to use installation utility. == External links ==* [ Odin]* [httpCategory:// Virtuozzo]* [ Plesk Control Panel]* [ Odin Virtual Automation]

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