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<table width="100%" valign="top"><tr valign="top"><td width="80%">'''OpenVZ''' is a container-based virtualization for Linux. OpenVZ creates multiple secure, isolated Linux containers (otherwise known as VEs or VPSs) on a single physical server enabling better server utilization and ensuring that applications do not conflict. Each container performs and executes exactly like a stand-alone server; a container can be rebooted independently and have root access, users, IP addresses, memory, processes, files, applications, system libraries and configuration files.
OpenVZ is free open source software, available under GNU GPL.
<div style="margin-top:0.5em; margin-bottom:0.5em; padding:0.5em 0.5em 0.5em 0.5em; align:right;">OpenVZ uses GIT for is the basis of [[Virtuozzo]], a virtualization solution offered by [https source controlVirtuozzo]company. Attention: we use [[How_to_submit_patches|different workflows]] Virtuozzo is optimized for hosters and offers hypervisor (VMs in addition to containers), [[Userspace_patchesVirtuozzo_Storage|userspacedistributed cloud storage]] , dedicated support, management tools, and [[kernel patches]]easy installation.</div>
{| cellspacing=0 cellpadding=8 borderInstallation and usage =0 margin=0 padding=0 align="top" width=100%|-|style="vertical-align:top"|
{{Box|BORDER = #8898bf|BACKGROUND = #27672f|WIDTH = 100%|ICON = <small>OpenVZ is easy to install if you already have Linux installed on your machine. See [[Benefits|More...quick installation]]</small>|HEADING = <span style="font-variant:small-caps; font-size:120%">Benefits</span>|CONTENT =<small>* 100% Free Software (GPL), no royaltiesfor installation info. Alternatively, no license fees!* you can try a [[SecurityDownload live CD|Securelive CD]]* [[WP/Containers_density|Scalable]]* [[Virtuozzo_ecosystem|Flexible]]</small>}}to test drive the technology without a need to install anything.
A comprehensive (although somewhat old) {{PDFlink|style="vertical[[download:doc/OpenVZ-Users-Guide.pdf|doc/OpenVZ-Users-alignGuide.pdf]]| 1.3&nbsp;MB}} is a good start. This wiki also has a lot of information (use search function, see [[Special:Categories|list of all categories]] or [[Special:top"Allpages|list of all pages]].
{{Box|BORDER = #8898bf|BACKGROUND = #27672f|WIDTH Support = 100%|ICON = <small>[[Use cases|More...]]</small>|HEADING = <span style="font-variant:small-caps; font-size:120%">Use cases</span>|CONTENT =<small>* Hosting* Server consolidation* Development and testing* Educational</small>}}
|style="vertical-alignThe supported version of OpenVZ is [https:top"|// Virtuozzo].
{{Box|BORDER = #8898bf|BACKGROUND = #27672f|WIDTH = 100%|ICON Free support = <small>[[Virtuozzo_ecosystem|More...]]</small>|HEADING = <span style="font-variant:small-caps; font-size:120%">OpenVZ ecosystem</span>|CONTENT =<small>* [[Virtuozzo_ecosystem#API|API]]* [[Virtuozzo_ecosystem#Configuration_management|Configuration management]]* [[Virtuozzo_ecosystem#CT.2FVM_management|CT/VM management]]* [[Virtuozzo_ecosystem#Hosting_automation|Hosting automation]]* [[Virtuozzo_ecosystem#Monitoring|Monitoring]]* Storage</small>}}
Please read the documentation before asking questions. Check the [[FAQ]], use [[google:openvz|}Google]], search both this wiki and the [ forum]. If this doesn't help, ask on either [[forum:|forum]] or a [[mailing list]]. Please report all bugs to [ OpenVZ bug tracker].
{| cellspacing=5 cellpadding=15 borderThis wiki =0 valign="top" width=100%| width=50% style="vertical-align:top"|
{||style="vertical-align:top"|[[Image:PlaceholderThis site is a wiki — the place to gain and share your OpenVZ knowledge. Wiki is a documentation portal, a knowledge base, a collaboration tool.png]]|style="vertical-align:top"|Everyone (you!) can create or edit content, it'''<span style="font-variant:small-caps; font-size:150%">About</span>'''<br /><small>Find out more s really easy. For information about OpenVZ.</small><small><hr />wiki syntax and wiki editing, see [[Roadmapmeta:Help:Editing]] | [[Releases]] | [[News/events|Events]] | [[Podcasts]] | [[Interviews]] | [[Artwork]] | [[History]] | [[Screencasts]] | [[Contributors]] | [[Sponsors]] | [[Success stories]] | [ Talks] [[Contacts]]</small>|}
Below are a few links you can start from. In addition, you might want to take a look at the list of [[Special:Categories|style="vertical-alignall categories]] or [[Special:top"Allpages|all pages]].
{;[[:Category: Concepts|Concepts]]: OpenVZ and virtualization concepts;[[:Category: Technology|Technology]]: Description of OpenVZ technologies;[[:Category: Installation|style="vertical-alignInstallation]]: How to install OpenVZ;[[:Category:top"Templates|Templates]]: Everything about OpenVZ templates;[[Image:Placeholder.pngCategory: Kernel|Kernel]]: Articles concerning OpenVZ kernel;[[:Category:Troubleshooting|style="verticalTroubleshooting]]: What to do if something fails;[[:Category:Networking|Networking]]: Networking-alignrelated articles;[[:top"Category:Storage|Storage]]'''<span style="font-variant:smallStorage-capsrelated articles (mostly [[ploop]] and [[pstorage]]); font-size:150%">Developers</span>'''<br /><small>Get involved! Help us make OpenVZ better.</small><small><hr />[[:Category:HOWTO|HOWTOs]]: How to submit patchesdo something;[[FAQ]] | : Frequently Asked Questions;[[QAArtwork]] : Show your appreciation of OpenVZ on your site using these images;[[:Category:Definitions| Definitions]]: Short definitions of various terms used in OpenVZ;[https[History]]:// Browse Source code] | list of major project milestones;[[Contribute|Where to startInterviews]] | : public conversations with OpenVZ developers;[[MembershipComparison]] | : to other container solutions;[[PackagesRoadmap]]</small>|}: past and future releases of OpenVZ and its components
|-| width=50% style="vertical-align:top"| {||styleExternal links =="vertical-align:top"|* [[Image:Placeholder.png]]|style="vertical-align:top"|'''<span style="font-variantwikipedia:small-caps; font-size:150%">Technical information</span>'''<br /><small>Technical details about OpenVZ.</small><small><hr />[[:Category:HOWTO | HOWTO]] | [[FAQ]] | [[:Category:Definitions | Definitions]] | [[:Category:Templates | Templates]] | [[:Category:Technology | Technology]] | [[:Category:Networking | Networking]] | [[:Category:Storage | Storage]] | [[:Category:Kernel | Kernel]] | [[:Category:Installation | Installation]] | [ CRIU wiki]</small>|} |style="vertical-align:top"| {||style="vertical-align:top"|[[Image:Placeholder.png]]|style="vertical-align:top"|'''<span style="font-variant:small-caps; font-size:150%">Related Tools</span>'''<br /><small>Information about OpenVZ components.</small><small><hr />[[Download/kernel|Kernel]] | * [ CRIU] | [[Download/vzctl|vzctl]] | [[LibCT]] | [[QEMU]] | [[LibVirt]] | [[Ploop]] | [ P.Haul] | [[VCMMD]]</small>|} |-| width=50% style="vertical-align:top"| {||style="vertical-align:top"|[[Image:Placeholder.png]]|style="vertical-align:top"|'''<span style="font-variant:small-caps; font-size:150%">Getting Started</span>'''<br /><small>Download OpenVZ/Virtuozzo and get started.</small><small><hr />[[Quick installation]] | [[Man|Legacy OpenVZ manual pages]] | [ Legacy OpenVZ documentation] | [ Virtuozzo documentation]</small>|} |style="vertical-align:top"| {||style="vertical-align:top"|* [[Imagemeta:Placeholder.png]]|style="vertical-align:top"|'''<span style="font-variant:small-caps; font-size:150%">Support</span>'''<br /><small>Learn how to contact us and find help and support.</small><small><hr />[[FAQ]] | [[Mailing lists]] | [[IRC]] | [ Forum] | [[:Category:Concepts | Concepts]] | [[:Category:Troubleshooting | Troubleshooting]] | [httpHelp:// Professional support] | [[ContactsEditing]]</small>|} |}</td><td width="20%">  {{News sidebar1}}  </td></tr></table> __NOTOC____NOEDITSECTION__