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Events/Marketing Materials

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=== Artwork ===
* Posters[[Artwork|OpenVZ artwork]]* Stickers[ CRIU artwork]* CD[https:/DVD Prints* Booth slides* Artwork* Leaflet/ P.Haul artwork]
=== Booth slides === If you have to hurriedly hold a talk about “What is the OpenVZ Project?” do not worry. You can retrieve [ the slides or browse the source for ideas]. You can also take look at the list of talks given by various people which cover OpenVZ or some aspects of the project. === Buttons === * ArtworkUsually we order buttons in === CD/DVD Prints === If you buy blank CDs in order to do a CDROM giveaway you might want to spend a little more money and burn some CDs, do not forget and try to make them look nicer than a blank CD-ROM disk (use artwork for this). * === Rollup === * === Stickers === * Usually we order buttons in* Examples: [ 1] === Leaflet === * [[Leaflet|Leaflet text]]** Examples: [ 1] === T-shirts === T-shirts are quite costly to do, but are quite good gifts for people who help out in the booth or to the organization of the event (if they are really that helpful). You can [ take a look] at some graphics used for t-shirts.See also [[T-Shirt_ideas|proposed T-shirt designs]]. Usually we order T-shirt in Customink but [ there are other similar shops] which can print T-shirts. * Examples: [ 1], [ 2], [ 3] === Demonstration of products and technologies === * [ Video]* [[Screencasts]] in loop
You can also see the [[Artwork|artwork page]].
=== Interesting giveaways ===
* Temporary tattoos
* USB sticks with Live version filled up with promotional materials. To offset costs - one side could include a sponsor logo (and possibly their marketing materials). Keep in mind local companies and local events.
* Labels for luggage with business card of booth visitor and card with OpenVZ logo
* OpenVZ trinket printed on 3D printer

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