UBC parameter units

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UBC default units

  1. entries which name has word 'page' are measured in memory pages (4kb on x86 and x86-64, 16kb for IA64). These are privvmpages, oomguarpages and others.
  2. entries with names like 'num*' are measured in items. i.e. numproc - number of processes, numiptent - number of iptables entries.
  3. other entries like kmemsize, tcprcvbuf/tcpsndbuf are measured in bytes

Overriding default units

You can set parameter units implicitly when appropriate, for example:

  • Set kmemsize limit to 512 Kb
# vzctl set --kmemsize 512k
  • Set privvmpages limit to 256 Mb
# vzctl set --privvmpages 256m
  • Set tcprcvbuf limit to 1000 pages (totals to almost 4 Mb on x86)
# vzctl set --tcprcvbuf 1000p