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About me[edit]

See me there on Wikipedia (or in the english one).

About my openvz[edit]

I use OpenVZ to completely separate @#$%^&*!ing PHP users from the rest of the sane uncracked world. I run Debian/GNU Linux and try to send my changes upstream. ;-)

Why do I use OpenVZ[edit]

  • I do not require full virtualisation
  • I do not require different operating systems, kernels or actually environment for VEs
  • I need a lightweight solution
  • I need easy remote management
  • I need open source, libre software
  • I need statistics (small lie, big lie, statistics, but anyway :))
  • I need an upstream who is arrogant enough that their changes can find their way into the mainline kernel ;-)

My opinion about OpenVZ[edit]

So far I believe it delivers what it promises. Maybe the secret is not to promise much. ;=)

My opinion about this wiki[edit]

Extremely unstructured, extremely hard to use, badly needs some organisation, which I plan to try someday. Something along a FAQ what's thematically organised and linking everywhere from the questions.

Wiki structure planning[edit]

Better entry points[edit]

resource management[edit]