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(Deprecated functionality)
(Dropped functionality)
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* [[UBC|User bean counters]]
* [[UBC|User bean counters]]
* Delayed /vz mounting
== Known Issues ==
== Known Issues ==

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Virtuozzo is a Linux distribution based on opensource OpenVZ components.

This is an early technology preview of Virtuozzo 7. We have made some good progress, but this is just the beginning. Much more still needs to be done. In the preview we replaced the containers engine and made our tools work with the new kernel technologies. We consider this beta a major milestone on the road to the official Virtuozzo 7 release and want to share the progress with the community.

Key Changes

  • Virtuozzo 7 is based on RHEL7 and Kernel 3.10+
  • Containers are using kernel features cgroups and namespaces that limit, account for, and isolate resource usage as isolated namespaces of a collection of processes. The beancounters interface remains in place for backward compatibility. At the same time it acts as a proxy for actual cgroups and namespaces implementation.
  • UUID instead of VEID for container identification. You can use UUID or name to identify a container. By default vzctl will treat the former VEID parameter as name.
  • VCMM 4th generation of memory manager. We switched to memcg. By balancing and configuring memcg limits we will get the exact overcommit, shadow gangs, swap, page cache overuse Virtuozzo parameters. This will be done by a userspace daemon.

Coming Soon

  • KVM-based virtual machines
  • Containers online migration between Virtuozzo 7 nodes using the CRIU project
  • Migration from Virtuozzo 6

Dropped functionality

Known Issues

  • Cannot boot Virtuozzo 7 TP with EFI. (#PSBM-34786)
  • Autopartitioning for standard partitions in the Virtuozzo 7 TP installer does not work.For details, see RHEL bug #1172441. (#PSBM-34787)
  • Installation may stop due to a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 bug. In this case, restart installation. For details, see RHEL bug #1167948. (#PSBM-34797)
  • netconsole cannot be used along with bridged containers. (#PSBM-34959)
  • Container console does not work in OpenStack
  • Simfs is not working