Virtuozzo with vanilla kernel

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Warning.svg Warning: At this moment we don't have plans to support vanilla Linux kernel. Actual status is in OpenVZ Jira

This page will help to track status of support vanilla kernel in Virtuozzo management tools and status of merging Virtuozzo kernel features in mainline kernel.


  • in general vanilla kernel support by Virtuozzo management tools will help us to make Virtuozzo containers make more popular (OVZ-1)
  • allow to use Virtuozzo containers in Linux distributions without installation of custom kernel
  • reduce our efforts for maintaining large amount of different patches



vzprocps is a procps-ng with our patches. There is no separate source code repository for vzprocps patches but patches can be found in RPM package with sources.


We use rsync with custom options implemented via patches. Patches are available in RPM package with sources.


See slides from Linux Plumbers What's missing from upstream kernel containers? with current status of merging Virtuzzo features to upstream.

Current problems in Linux distributions[edit]

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