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A lot of contributions were made by OpenVZ users throughout 2006. Below is the (incomplete) list of users and their contributions. If you see that something/somebody is missing, feel free to add.

OpenVZ project would like to thank everybody who made it better in one way or another.


Build system

Benedikt Böhm (a.k.a. Hollow) of Gentoo-VPS project contributed an autoconf/automake/libtool-based build system for vzctl.

Links to actual code: patches

Gentoo packages

Christian Heim (a.k.a. Phreak) and Benedikt Böhm are maintaining OpenVZ packages (vzctl, vzquota, openvz-sources) for Gentoo Linux for over a year.


Kristian Høgh provided a patch which makes vzctl more flexible when it comes for logging. Now logging to the screen and to the log file can be set up independently. He also sent a handful of other fixes.

Links to the actual code: patches

Debian packages

Thorsten Schifferdecker maintains (unofficial as of now) OpenVZ package repository for Debian at http://debian.systs.org/ He also submitted a few fixes to vzctl.

Links to the actual code: patches

Assorted fixes

Dmitry V. Levin (of ALTLinux, a Linux distro which includes OpenVZ) submitted a number of fixes to vzctl, and made a few good suggestions.

Links to the actual code: patches


Networking bug fix

Sergey Vlasov (of ALTLinux) found and fixed a hard-to-catch bug in OpenVZ kernel code (related to networking): patch

Compilation fix

Konstantin A. Lepikhov (of ALTLinux) fixed a kernel compilation issue when using newer utilities.

ipt_REDIRECT virtualization

Jason Stubbs provided a patch which virtualizes (i.e. makes it posssible to use it in VE) ipt_REDIRECT iptables module: patch


Rick Blundell was quite active and helpful on the OpenVZ forum. He is now moderating support forum.


A lot of people provided mirrors of OpenVZ download site. See download mirrors for more details.

Bug reports

A lot of people filed helpful bug reports to OpenVZ bugzilla.