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Bind mounts can be used to make directories on the hardware node visible to the container.

This is how you can make host system's /mnt/disk directory available to a container 777:


echo '#!/bin/bash
. /etc/vz/vz.conf
if [ ! -e ${VE_ROOT}${DST} ]; then mkdir -p ${VE_ROOT}${DST}; fi
mount -n -t simfs ${SRC} ${VE_ROOT}${DST} -o ${SRC}
' > /etc/vz/conf/${CTID}.mount

chmod +x /etc/vz/conf/${CTID}.mount

If you want read-only mount, add -r option to mount command.

Yellowpin.svg Note: When specifying destination directory, always use /vz/root/ or ${VE_ROOT} env. variable (avoid using /vz/private)
Yellowpin.svg Note: When binding directories from one container to another, make sure you have proper boot order (See BOOTORDER param.)

Instruction above will not work on OpenVZ 7 until you run the script below to enable Bind mounts:

cat <<'EOF' > /etc/vz/conf/vps.mount
VE_MOUNT=$(echo ${VE_CONFFILE} | sed 's/\.conf$/.mount/')
[ -x ${VE_MOUNT} ] && . ${VE_MOUNT}
exit 0

chmod +x /etc/vz/conf/vps.mount

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