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Mini-summit proposal: Linux Kernel Containers Developer Summit


Namespaces, containers, cgroups, and container checkpoint/restart.


Development for namespaces and cgroups is well underway in the mainline kernel. To keep momentum going and keep the loosely knit teams of developers well-coordinated, a physical meeting in which to discuss future development plans is needed. Additionally, we are at a point where crucial decisions about the nature of a "container object" and about the checkpoint/restart design need to be made.

A final set of topics will be decided upon through mailing lists ahead of time, but potential topics include:

  • Handling filesystem/namespace synchronization
  • Handling of /proc and /sysfs within containers
  • Additional needed namespaces (i.e. device namespace)
  • Nature of a 'container' — kernel object or userspace fiction
  • Cgroup implementation
  • Additional cgroups and their design
  • Resource management
  • How to initiate and synchronize checkpoint/restart
  • How to enter a 'container'


(Debating whether to: 1. switch to one moderator for each, 2. use non-experts for moderators so the experts are more free to argue...)

  • Namespaces/containers: Serge Hallyn, Cedric Le Goater
  • Cgroups and resource management: Paul Menage, Balbir Singh
  • Checkpoint/restart: Dave Hansen, Cedric Le Goater

Expected Time Required[edit]

One day.

Number of Attendees[edit]

Approximately 30.

Technical Requirements[edit]

  • Projector and screen
  • Whiteboard
  • Network access
  • Power for laptops
  • doughnuts and croissants for participants