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Debian people refer to versions of the Debian distribution in a few ways: by nicknames, by numeric versions, and by statuses. The following table summarizes the relationship between these.

Note that status is changing over time, e.g. "Squeeze" is stable since 6th of February 2011.

Name Version Status
Stretch n/a testing
Jessie 8.0 stable
Wheezy 7.0 old stable
Squeeze 6.0 old stable
Lenny 5.0 old stable
Etch 4.0 old stable
Sarge 3.1 old stable
Woody 3.0 old stable
Potato 2.2 old stable
Slink 2.1 old stable
Hamm 2.0 old stable

Debian also has a release called "sid" which is permanently unstable, i.e. bleeding edge.

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