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This page contains open OpenVZ tasks for designers.

Status Priority Task
P1 Make as design style guide for all OpenVZ resources and merchandize staff. It should contain colors, fonts, etc. See examples of style guides: Mercurial logo, AltLinux logo, Fedora Usage Guideline, Ubuntu: web style guide, logo, typography.
P2 Make a design of documentation index page on
Done P2 Update design of Planet OpenVZ. Source code is here.
In progress P2 Improve design of Source code is here.
In progress P1 We plan to move wiki from to subdomain and run simple site on Jekyll static generator.

We need design for this mini site.

Done P1 Wiki style and wiki main page. Example: User:Sergey_Bronnikov/New_main_page.
Done P3 Landing page on with small description of all projects on Examples:,,
Done P3 Template for OpenVZ slides