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  • rebase to kernel to accomodate influx of CVE fixes
  • fix for checkpointing and restore of processes which done shmat(2)
  • epoll(2) fix in CPT to checkpoint some Fedora template
  • fix crash when /vz is on NFS export
  • restore plethora of /proc/net/* files inside VE which userspace utilities relies on.
  • fix long standing dcache accounting misinteraction with SLUB
  • fix occasional oopses when reading /proc/net/{udp,tcp}
  • fix minor lockdep warnings

For the complete list of changes in this release, see git changelog for kernel v2.6.24-ovz005.


  • CONFIG_AUDIT=n (known to be buggy in VE/VE0, investigation and proper ban in progress)


  • no new issues