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  • Mainstream security fix in netlink.
  • Fixes in checkpointing, CPU fair scheduler, VE I/O scheduling, beancounters, VE disk quotas, etc.

Config changes


  • +CONFIG_KEXEC=y (i686-PAE only)
  • +CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP=y (i686-PAE only)
  • +CONFIG_PROC_VMCORE=y (i686-PAE only)





Patch from Kirill Korotaev <>:
[4G/4G] i686: 4GB split patch

4G split patch based on linux-2.6.0-4g4g.patch from RHEL4 from Ingo Molnar.


  • fixed reserved pages handling
  • fixed PI futexes direct user access atomic operations
  • fixed lockdep
  • fixed entry.S to handle multiple irets and 16bit stacks, NMI support
  • reworked hw breakpoints support as in my patch in 2.4.x
  • fixed huge TSS and io bitmaps
  • added PTL locks support
  • fixed kprobes
  • 4-level page tables
  • lots of fixes merged from OVZ 2.6.9 (see below)


Fixed broken software suspend
Fixed VSYSCALL_BASE/FIXADDR_TOP interrelations (8k stacks)
Fixed virtual stack mappings for 8k stacks
Optimization in filemap.c on copy_XXX_user
vmalloc area extending up to 256Mb
Limiting user address space to 3GB
Fixed TSS mapings for online_cpus > 2 and big TSS
Fixed leak of LDT pages on error path
Fixed get_user() compilation bug on GCC 2.96
Fixed prefetch code detection on AMD
Fixed MCE handling when 4GB split is on

Not needed (already in):

  • linux-2.6.9-net-b44-4g4g.patch
  • linux-2.6.9-4g4g-maxtasksize.patch
  • diff-arch-4gb-pgdctor
  • diff-arch-4gb-getname


Patch from Pavel Emelianov <>:

[LOCKDEP] Fix wrong deadlock report in neigh table

Lockdep detects a fake deadlock in the calltrace:

  `- lock(neigh_table->proxy_queue.lock);
arp_process (tbl->proxy_redo)
  `- lock(neighbour->arp_queue.lock);

Actually there is no deadlock as the first lock and the second one are different skb_buff_head's locks, but they are initialized both in skb_queue_head_init() and thus have on lockdep-class.

This is a mainstream "BUG". Fixed by adding another class to neigh_table's proxy_queue lock.

Bug #78837.

(Tested with node bootup, VE start and vzt-prep vzt-ss).


Patch from Pavel Emelianov <>:
[BC] Check correct user_beancounter passed first in ub_page_uncharge()

If page accidentally has a not-removed page_beancounter kernel will oops dereferencing ub->ub_percpu(). Move the BUG_ON upper to be sure we work with user_beancounter.

This might be the lost in bug #78461.


Patch from Alexey Dobriyan <>:
[BC] refcount leak in dup_mm() on error path

Fix simple beancounter refcount leak on error path in dup_mm().

Bug #77231.


Patch from Vasily Tarasov <>:
[BC] vmguar_enough_memory() oopses if called form kernel thread

If vmguar_enough_memory() function is called by kernel thread, it oopses due to task_struct->mm equals NULL. Such situation was encountered when aufs was over ramfs.


Patch from Alexey Kuznetsov <>:
[CPT] alternative way to migrate zombie processes

In older 2.6.8 kernels do_exit() was very simple, essentially it disposed m etc, which is done automatically while checkpointing, and did some work on notifying parent. So that it was natural to move restored process to zombie state by hands.

In 2.6.18 do_exit makes _lots_ of work.

Seems, it is easier to invert logic. We introduce new flag PF_RESTART_EXIT, which suppresses the work which was already done, when process at source hardware node moved to zombie state (mostly, sending signals) and use do_exit() when restoring zombie processes.

Also, the same patch adds checks for a few of new things, which cannot be migrated, it is related because the list of those things obtained from do_exit().


Patch from Pavel Emelianov <>:
[CPT] Fix lockdep warning on socket dump

CPT locks all the sockets it finds for dumping. This is OK, but lockdep thinks as if it were a circular locking.

It happens each time we migrate a VE with more than one socked aboard.

Bug #79164.


Patch from Alexey Kuznetsov <>:
[CPT] checkpointing robust lists

Otherwise we are going to have problems with migration of newer glibcs using robust lists when this is possible.


Patch from Alexandr Andreev <>:
[SCHED] Reduce starvation of some VCPUs in case of cpu limits

Change logic of choosing best_vcpu to schedule to. There are two potential problems:

a) if a vcpu is hot, and last used physical CPU of this vcpu is equal to smp_processor_id() it will be always chosen. This is not a good decision, because there is no guarantee, that _all_ physical CPU's must take vcpu's from a vsched. For example, if cpulimit for a vsched is small, this vsched can be run only on one physical CPU forever.

b) Also now newer 'cold' vcpu's are chosen first, because we scan active_list in direct way, i.e. from older vcpus to newer vcpus, and a newer one will be chosen finally. In this case old vcpu's can starve for a long time

Bug #79015.


Patch from Alexandr Andreev <>:
[SCHED] find_idle_vcpu() mask check fix

In find_idle_vcpu() we skip VCPU's with ID's that is not set in physical '*cpus' mask. It's incorrect. We must skip VCPU's that has appropriate VCPU->last_pcpu


Patch from Evgeny Kravtsunov <>:
[BRIDGE] Unaligned access on IA64 when compare ether addr

Patch fixes unaligned access that takes place on ia64 in compare_ether_addr() compare_ether_addr() requires address to be aligned on 2-byte boundary, while addresses declared in bridges are aligned on 1-byte.

Bug #79001.
Bug #78983.


Patch from Denis Lunev <>:
[PATCH] Fatal signal processing logic

This patch changes fatal signal processing logic. The SIGKILL should be raised only for all threads in the groups *EXCEPT* recipient one.

OpenVZ Bug #533.


Patch from Konstantin Khorenko <>:
problem found by Vasily (vvs@) & Kirill (dev@):

a possible situation in stop_machine:

  • stopmachine_state == STOPMACHINE_WAIT;
  • STOPPER (stop_machine()) is in state SM_STOPPER_WAITING, calling yield() in a loop;
  • SLAVES (stopmachine()) also call yield() in a loop.

This leads to the fairsched_lock suffering on all CPUs and in case of unfair getting lock rules (for example on NUMA node), some CPUs can wait for the lock forever/for a long time, causing a hang of the node. This patch replaces yield() by msleep(10).

Mainstream kernel is affected as well, though it is harder to trigger: One CPU does yield() taking/releasing rq->lock, while another CPU should try to take that rq->lock (e.g. for balancing) and will livelock forever.

Bug #78975.


Patch from Andrey Mirkin <>, backported from -nmw git tree:

From: Patrick Caulfield <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 09:23:53 +0000 (+0000)
Subject: [DLM] Don't delete misc device if lockspace removal fails

[DLM] Don't delete misc device if lockspace removal fails

Currently if the lockspace removal fails the misc device associated with a
lockspace is left deleted. After that there is no way to access the orphaned
lockspace from userland.

This patch recreates the misc device if th dlm_release_lockspace fails. I
believe this is better than attempting to remove the lockspace first because
that leaves an unattached device lying around. The potential gap in which there
is no access to the lockspace between removing the misc device and recreating it
is acceptable ... after all the application is trying to remove it, and only new
users of the lockspace will be affected.

Signed-Off-By: Patrick Caulfield <>
Signed-off-by: Steven Whitehouse <>

Bug #79107.


Patch from Alexey Dobriyan <>:
[BC] uncharge fs root (/) from dcachesize

"/" dentry was charged in d_alloc_root(), then charged and uncharged during filesystem activity. But at umount time that first charge was forgotten.

So uncharge "/" by hand.

Bug #77771.


Patch from Pavel Emelianov <>:
[IOACCT] Fix ioacct race

When page becomes dirty there's no time to store a context on it - page may become clean immediately.

Thus we had a race in accounting when a page became clean before we set a context on it and this context got lost and not freed.

Handle the context the other way - in case we're going to set a new context on a page that already has one - free it and account written bytes in case the page became clean. When removing a context from a page - handle the case when a page does not have one due to the race in question. In any case dirty page will have a context set, and a clean one will have not.

Bug #79008.


Patch from Vasily Tarasov <>:
[IOPRIO] cleaning active beancounter

After beancounter disappears, it still can be active. Clean it up.

Bug #78875.


Patch from Pavel Emelianov <>:
[BC] Percpu counters discrepancy on 64bit arches


long += -(unsigned int);

leads to wrong result on 64bit due to no sign extension.

Bug #78998.


Patch from Alexey Kuznetsov <>:
[PATCH] pthead_mutex_lock deadlock inside VE

This patch replaces diff-ve-futex-EDEADLK-bypass-20061225 and previous small patch reparing user-level deadlock in pthread_mutex_lock() happening because value 0 was not "virtual".

It undoes unnatural tests for virtuality of pid supplied by user. Naively, this can result in kernel warning if user mangles pid doing something like:

syscall(__NR_futex, &amp;l, FUTEX_LOCK_PI, 0, 0);
l = getpid() | 1024;
syscall(__NR_futex, &amp;l, FUTEX_LOCK_PI, 0, 0);

This happens due to pid aliasing introduced with vpids: test pid == virt_pid(current) is not enough to ensure that pid does not correspond to current.

I find more natural to test for this condition directly.


Patch from Vasily Tarasov <>:
[PATCH] kconfig: security depends on !ve

Many people have CONFIG_SECURITY enabled in their configs. When they try to do `make oldconfig` for OpenVZ kernels with such configs, no questions appear concerning CONFIG_VE and friends, and people have OpenVZ kernels with virtualization features disabled. Fix it. Reverse the dependency of VE/SECURITY.


Patch from Denis Lunev <>:
[VENET] stop IP management before freeing venet

The device is freed before the VE<->IP mapping is cleaned.

Bug #75502.


Patch from Pavel Emelianov <>:

The calltrace:

   `- spin_lock(&amp;inode_lock);
 ->set() /* == vzdq_aquotq_lookset */
   `- down_read(...)

So it may sleep with inode_lock taken. Move all the sleeping operations out of the lock.

Bug #79124.


Patch from Kostja:

Adds missed error check while trying to get message slot in I2OPASSTHRU ioctl handler. This error caused kernel crash if one uses "raideng" (from raidutils) when controller timeouts.

Bug #79279.


Patch from Pavel Emelianov <>:
[IOACCT] Debug on page release

When releasing an IO beancounter from the page that is not supposed to IO pb print a warning.

might help debug bug #79427.


Patch from Alexey Dobriyan <>:
[BC] UB put on error path in fork()

If fork() fails after ub_task_charge(), nobody is putting three beancounters getted there.

Bug #77231.


Patch from Dmitry Monakhov <>:
[4GB] change_page_attr() BUG's on strange pages

It is really long story...

this patch restore iounmap code as it was after:

commit 2c692eefe4aff109eab9384b6d8c7e1a8f094dad
Author: ak <ak>
Date:   Sun Jan 23 18:29:11 2005 +0000

later this code was removed by this patch:
commit a7dd5a5f2b5db975bdf1dcaa3f3da6c289630076
Author: andrea <andrea>

Date:   Tue Mar 8 18:49:39 2005 +0000

this code was broken again after:
commit bf5421c309bb89e5106452bc840983b1b4754d61
Author: Andi Kleen <>
Date:   Mon Dec 12 22:17:09 2005 -0800

The problem is actually that get_vm_area() allocates one more page then was requested for guard page. But change_page_attr() doesn't actually takes this into account.

Bug #79617.


Patch from Andrey Mirkin <>:
[CPT] retry checkpointing if VE has active netlink callback

Return -EAGAIN instead of -EBUSY if netlink socket has active callback. In this case we will try to freeze VE 3 times.


Patch from Thorsten Schifferdecker:
[CPT] tux is missing on vanilla kernels

Compilation bug was introduced by;a=commitdiff;h=f90c2c318467829ecde43919ad38f326527f533b

Fixes OpenVZ Bug #545.


Patch from Alexey Kuznetsov <>:
[CPT] restore rcv queue on netlink sockets and unbound netlink sockets

Code restoring queues was forgotten. This fixes bug #79723.

Unbound sockets were restored incorrectly, they were outbound to some post, which prevented subsequent bind by application. This fixes bug #79724.

The patch overrides previous patch with subj: "[CPT] restore rcv queue on netlink sockets", which fixed only bug #79723.


Patch from Andrey Mirkin <>:
[CPT] Fix lazy migration

Accidentally during porting checkpointing on 2.6.18 kernel rst_setup_pagein() function was added to code twice. This breaks lazy migration.

Bug #77921.

Creation procedure of pgin block device was quite hairy, so almost every time during lazy migration we can see annoying message in kernel log: register_blkdev: cannot get major 254 for pgin

In this patch creation of pgin block device is fixed.


Patch from Alexandr Andreev <>:
[BC] compilation fix with CONFIG_USER_RESOURCE=n

Compilation fix with CONFIG_USER_RESOURCE=n


Patch from Alexey Kuznetsov <>:
[CPT] thread groups with exited leader did not migrate

The bug is simple and stupid, it is very strange nobody saw this.

When thread group leader exits, its mm/files/fs/namespace are released but zombie process remain frozen until all the threads exit. Restore was not able to restore such configuration.

Solution is simple: when chackpointing save not real (NULL) mm/files/fs/namespace, but mm/files/fs/namespace of this thread group.


Patch from Alexandr Andreev <>:
[SCHED] Select some vcpu instead of idle even if all vcpus are hot

We have to use oldest vcpu if all vcpu's are hot. In current kernel an idle_vcpu is used and CPU can idle instead of doing some job.

Bug #79676.


Patch from Pavel Emelianov <>:
[SCHED] cleanup: removed unused variable

struct rq *rq was used before fairsched patch to compare tasks with rq->idle. With fairsched idle task is bound to pcpu, not vcpu and thus struct rq *rq is simply not needed.


Patch from Vasily Tarasov <>:
[PATCH] modification of allow merge policy in cfq (mainstream)

Jens Axboe rewrited allow merge policy one more time after we reported the problem and fixed the problem we face curently when some tasks experience I/O starvations.

This is an incremental patch to the previous patch diff-ms-cfq-allow-merge-20070117 ported to OpenVZ.

This patch is cumulative of

Bug #79594.


Patch from Alexey Dobriyan <>:

[PATCH] Make speedstep centrino cpufreq driver use wr/rdmsr_on_cpu()

speedstep-centrino cpufreq driver was using set_cpus_allowed() and checks for smp_processor_id() to confine itself to given CPU.

Switch to rdmsr_on_cpu/wrmsr_on_cpu() infrastructure.



Patch from Alexey Kuznetsov <>:
[PATCH] Invalid return value of execve() resulting in oopses (mainstream)

When elf loader fails to map executable (due to memory shortage or because binary is malformed), it can return 0. Normally, this is invisible because process is killed with SIGKILL and it never returns to user space.

But if exec() is called from kernel thread (hotplug, whatever) consequences are more interesting and vary depending on architecture.

i386. Nothing especially interesting, execve() just returns with "success"  :-)

x86_64. Fake zero frame is used on way to caller, RSP/RIP are loaded with zeros, ergo... double fault.

ia64. Similar to i386, but r32...r95 are corrupted. Sometimes it oopses due to return to zero PC, sometimes it sees NaT in rXX and oopses due to NaT consumption.

This fix solves bugs #68582 (i386), #73753 (x86_64) and #79847 (ia64).


Patch from Alexey Kuznetsov <>:
[PATCH] stack overflow in netlink (mainstream)

Reply to NETLINK_FIB_LOOKUP messages were misrouted back to kernel, which resulted in infinite recursion and stack overflow.

The bug is present in all kernel versions since the feature appeared.

(linux 2.6.13, Jun 20th, 2005,
commit 246955fe4c38bd706ae30e37c64892c94213775d,
[NETLINK]: fib_lookup() via netlink)

The patch also makes some minimal cleanup:

  1. Return something consistent (-ENOENT) when fib table is missing
  2. Do not crash when queue is empty (does not happen, but yet)
  3. Put result of lookup

Franlky, I would delete this thing instead of fixing. It looks ugly and was used only for debugging LC-trie.

Signed-off-by: Alexey Kuznetsov <>
Acked-by: Dave Miller <>


Patch from Sergey Vlasov <>:
[NETLINK] Fix for Alexey's netlink lookup recursion fix

When CONFIG_IP_MULTIPLE_TABLES is enabled, the code in nl_fib_lookup() needs to initialize the res.r field before fib_res_put(&res) - unlike fib_lookup(), a direct call to ->tb_lookup does not set this field.


Patch from Alexey Dobriyan <>:
[PATCH] loopback: oops on loopback mount/umount (mainstream)

After LOOP_SET_FD/LOOP_CLR_FD combo loop device's queue gets request handler which is persistent.

After, say

mount -t iso9660 /dev/loop0 /mnt	# sic

this request handler is called directly with
a) ->lo_state being Lo_unbound
b) ->lo_pending being zero

Error path in loop_make_request() completes ->lo_bh_done completion which is persistent as well.

Now, let's start worker thread as usual. It'll set ->lo_pending to 1, don't wait for completion because it was already completed (brokenly), and will not get out of infinite loop because of ->lo_pending. Loop device doesn't have bios at this point and triggers BUG_ON.

So, don't complete ->lo_bh_done when loop device isn't setup fully. In mainstream it was accidentaly fixed when converting to kthreads.

Bug #79521.


Patch from Vasily Tarasov <>:
[IOPRIO] forced dispatching when CONFIG_UBC_IO_PRIO off

If CONFIG_UBC_IO_PRIO is off, then no beancounters are in active list, consequently we have a bug in forced dispatching case.

OpenVZ Bug #528.


Patch from Vasily Tarasov <>:
[IOPRIO] Oops on IO-prioritization disabling

If io-prioritization is suddenly turned off via /sys/block/<dev>/queue/iosched/virt_mode cfqq owner BC does not equal current io context. It is right to get beancounter obtained from queue, but not from current IO context.


Patch from Alexandr Andreev <>:
[BC] compilation fix with CONFIG_USER_RESOURCE=n

Compilation fix with CONFIG_USER_RESOURCE=n


Patch from Pavel Emelianov <>:
[BC] Leak of privvmpages on zero page maps

This was obviously forgotten. Each mmap of /dev/zero causes this leak.

Bug #80246.


Patch from Konstantin Khorenko <>:
[MEMINFO] sysctl for selecting UsedMem source

Adds sysctl to choose base ubc parameter for memory usage inside a VE. Sets PRIVVMPAGES beancounter to be used by default instead of OOMGUARPAGES.

Bug #78088.


Patch from Pavel Emelianov <>:
[NETLINK] VE netlink message should go into VE log

When parsing netlink arguments kernel may printk that some bytes left unparsed. Make this info appear in VE log, instead of global one.


Patch from Vasily Averin <>:
[TUN] prohibit tun persistent mode inside VE

Prohibit tun persistent mode inside VE, until resolved via ve hooks.

Bug #79612.


Patch from Sergey Korshunoff <seyko2@>:

Fix Xen netback driver, since loopback_dev is defined as a macro in OVZ and is substituted.


Patch from Konstantin Khorenko <>:
[VZDQ] prohibit chown of a file if owner doesn't have ugid struct

Prohibit chown a file if its owner does not have ugid record. This might happen if we somehow exceeded the UID/GID (e.g. set ugidlimit less than number of users).

Bug #79553.


Patch from Alexandr Andreev <>:
[VZSTAT] Sum up per node stats for pgdat's

cat /proc/vz/stats in 2.6.18 shows information about zones for each node, but vzstat utility parse information about one (last) node only, and shows incorrect memory info on hosts with several nodes (numa hosts for instance). New code scans all nodes and summarize statistics for identical zones per each node.

Bug #77994.


Patch from Alexandr Andreev <>:

[VZSTAT] Fix vzstat when DMA32 zone on x8664 (index 1) is empty

Fix vzstat when DMA32 zone on x8664 (index 1) is empty. For this, show ordinal number of a zone instead of it's real index in kernel 'zones' array. So the output will look like:

skipped DMA32 zone
1 Normal

Bug #77336.


Patch from Alexey Dobriyan <>:

1. Move TASK_IO_ACCOUNTING out of EMBEDDED menu cf placement in mainline.

2. As side effect, EMBEDDED menu will be shown on same level as designed, not returning to top level after SYSCTL option.

OpenVZ Bug #550.


Patch from Sergey Korshunoff <seyko2@>:

Fix utsname handling in process-xen.c, which is a copy of process.c


Patch from Vasiliy:

This patch fixes i2o message leak. We need to free msg itself and i2o message in hw in case of error.


Patch from Vasiliy:

This patch fixes access to memory that has not been allocated: i2o_msg_get_wait() can returns errors different from I2O_QUEUE_EMPTY. But the result is checked only against this code. if it is not I2O_QUEUE_EMPTY then we dereference the error code as the pointer later.


Patch from Vasiliy:

This patch fixes a number of issues in i2o_cfg_passthru{,32}:

  • memory leaks (including i2o_message leak fixed by
  • infinite loop to sg_list_cleanup in passthru32
  • bad error paths


Patch from Vasiliy:

Reading from some i2o related proc files can lead to the controller hang due unknown reasons. As a workaround this patch changes the permission of these files to root-only accessible.


Drbd update to v8.0.2