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Since 028stab066.10:

  • Rebase to 2.6.18-164.10.1.el5 kernel: a number of security and bug fixes (see links to RHSAs and CVEs below)
  • Bug fixes for the following issues:
    • A Hardware Node may hang (with "Route hash chain too long! Adjust your secret_interval!" messages) due to a bug in the on demand emergency route cache flushing code (OpenVZ Bug #1378)
    • The values of entries in the /proc/diskstats file may be set to zero (OpenVZ Bug #1373)
    • A kernel panic may occur on an attempt to mount a corrupted partition if the 'reiserfs' module is loaded.
    • A kernel bug may occur due to the timer list corruption if several Containers are using NFS mounts at the same time
    • A kernel panic may occur when deleting an audit rule from the Hardware Node (OpenVZ Bug #1351)
    • A kernel panic may occur on the Destination Node during the online migration of a Container with a TUN device
    • A kernel panic occurs on loading the DRBD module (OpenVZ Bug #1371)
  • The load balancing mechanism in the CPU fair scheduler has been improved, especially the distribution of the CPU time on SMP systems with a small number of processes


  • No new issues


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