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Since 042stab054.5:

  • rebased on 2.6.32-220.13.1.el6 RHEL6.2 kernel (security, bug fixes, and enhancements, see below)
  • [fuse] our fuse O_DIRECT support implementation has been removed, Red Hat added the support
  • [megaraid_sas] mask off flags in the ioctl path to prevent memory scribble with older MegaCLI versions (#2240)
  • [atl1] kernel panic fixed in case of DMA errors
  • [scheduler] warning added if huge IPI latency is detected (debug for PSBM-11683)
  • [timer] kernel panic in timer interrupt in kexec on nodes with buggy BIOS fixed (PSBM-12579)
  • [memory reclaimer] possibility to use sync writeback, make nodes much more responsive on high memory pressure (PSBM-11683, #2188)
  • [oom] OOM priorities configuration has been reworked completely (PSBM-12263)
  • [cgroups] kernel panic in devcgroup_seq_read() has been fixed (PSBM-12254)
  • [cpt] task credentials fix
  • [sheduler stat] /proc/uptime should now show correct idle time inside CT (PCLIN-30774)
  • [fs] fix occasional NULL pointer dereference in show_vfsmnt() -> prepare_mnt_root_mangle() (PCLIN-30843, #2188#c62)
  • [fs] fdatasync() optimization and statistics (/sys/fs/ext4/$dev/{inflight_requests,optimized_flushes}) (PSBM-12094)
  • [cpt] fix locking for netfilter conntrack expectations (PSBM-12691)
  • [cpt] do not try to restore CT which can't be undumped (PSBM-12693, possibly #2244)
  • [ploop] initial (incomplete) implementation of io_kaio - ploop io module based on in-kernel direct aio (PCLIN-30658)
  • [ploop] optimization to more effectively merge requests by converting bio reqs to ploop reqs earlier

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