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Since 042stab059.7:

  • Rebase to 2.6.32-279.2.1.el6 kernel (bug fix update, see below)
  • [timers] apps that use sys_clock_nanosleep() to suspend their execution could hang after CT migration.
  • [sysfs] /sys/devices/system/cpu has been "virtualized": the "virtualization" consists in creating empty cpu# dir for each possible cpu (+1 on UP systems). This makes glibc think that _SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF always > 1 so that various userspace apps (JAVA) won't be tempted to "optimize" when running inside a CT with --cpus=1. (PSBM-14103, #2206)
  • [OOM/debug] added line "oom_score_adj: manual|auto" into /proc/bc/$ID/debug (PSBM-12215)
  • [devtmpfs] account devtmpfs inodes in tmpfs in proper context. This fixes the accounting memory leak found by QA vzt-pltp test. (PCLIN-30869)
  • [cpt] support for restart blocks used for CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID timers (per-process clock that measures CPU time consumed by all threads in the process) has been added
  • [cpt] a race has been fixed which can result in tasks left in frozen state (PSBM-14184)
  • [fuse] sync case of direct_IO should send a set of async requests (splitted incoming request) and wait for their completion. (PSBM-14010)
  • [ploop] a warning calltrace shown when a ploop goes to "ABORTED" state has been removed as considered to be too noisy (PSBM-14148)
  • [net/tg3] ~20% network performance decrease on Broadcom cards has been fixed (PSBM-14240)
  • [cgroups] notify_on_release and release_agent features of cgroups have been fixed (#2261)
  • [sysctl] sysctl code has been cleaned up in order for sysctl checker to not complain. In particular, several vz specific sysctls were converted to "unnumbered" => sysctl() syscall won't work anymore for them.
  • [iptables] if ip conntracks and NAT were disabled on the node, reloading "nf_conntrack" module with parameter ip_conntrack_disable_ve0=0 was enabling them again (PCLIN-31123)
  • [nfsd] stopping a CT with NFS server inside caused a kernel BUG (PCLIN-31107)
  • [sunrpc] kernel panic on mounting nfs in 2 CTs has been fixed (PCLIN-31080)
  • [fuse] O_DIRECT operations vs cached writeback misorder has been fixed (PSBM-14110)
  • [ploop] kernel BUG in kaio_fsync_thread() has been fixed (PSBM-14249)
  • [net] netns batched cleanup support for veth, venet, and nf_conntrack. This decreases time needed to kill 100 ves by ~7 s (from ~13 to ~6 s) (PSBM-11724)
  • [jbd] fix for BUG at fs/jbd/commit.c:325 has been updated. Patches were updated in order to synchronize them with mainstream variants, only warning parts have been modified (PCLIN-30972)
  • [scheduler] "WARNING: at kernel/sched_rt.c:13" has been fixed (PCLIN-31148)
  • [cpuinfo] if some cpu features are masked using msr-tools (and thus cpuid() does not report them anymore), /proc/cpuinfo inside CTs will also mask these features. Hardware Node /proc/cpuinfo will still report all cpu features possible available on the node (PSBM-14131)
  • [cpt] checkpointing code now checks cpu features available for CT using cpuid() => it's possible to mask out some cpu features using msr-tools (PSBM-14131)
  • [fuse] async processing of sync direct I/O has been corrected, now we do not use async processing of sync direct I/O in case we are writing beyond the end of the file (PSBM-14282)

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