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Since 042stab072.10:

  • [net/tg3] kernel panic when netconsole is using (PCLIN-31420)
  • [mm/vswap] kernel panic in handle_pte_fault() due to do_vswap_page() race with reclaimer (#2491)
  • [vzquota/nfs] nfs client quota access to inode reserved space is protected by inode lock, preventing possible races (found during PSBM-17619 investigation (not a fix))
  • [sched] do not throttle on cond_resched(), preventing one more case of possible priority inversion (PSBM-15441)
  • [cgroup] calling release agent for already dead khelper caused a warning. This could happened if Fedora 18 CT is stopped with "--fast". (PSBM-17915)
  • [sched] running tasks could be throttled and never unthrottled thus causing random node hangs. (PSBM-17658)
  • [cgroup] added possibility to define the CT0 minimal cpu units in %% of all units assigned by all CTs on the Node (min_shares_pct)
  • [fence-watchdog] kernel fencing watchgod is implemented.
  • [fence-watchdog] The ability to choose, which action to perform in case of timeout. The configuration is done via sysfs files: /sys/kernel/watchdog_available_actions and /sys/kernel/watchdog_action (PSBM-13631)
  • [proc] several issues on error paths have been fixed in proc_fill_super() (PSBM-17869)
  • [fuse] background requests accounting has been fixed (PSBM-18114)
  • [sched] possible node lockups have been fixed by correcting throttling algorithm (PCLIN-31507)
  • [sched] the number of context switches should be reported correctly inside a CT in /proc/stat (PSBM-18113)
  • [sched] the number of processes should be reported correctly inside a CT in /proc/stat (PSBM-18113)