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Since 042stab113.5:

  • rebase to RHEL6.7 2.6.32-573.8.1.el6 kernel (bug fixes)
  • Docker 1.9 support (see Docker inside CT)
  • repaired containers with "hidden pids", broken in 042stab112.x kernel (OVZ-6568)
  • 137 bytes kmem leak in pid_alloc() (PSBM-39647)
  • fixed pid_namespace leak (PSBM-40162)
  • fixed kmemsize leak in rst:find_pty_pair() (PSBM-41310)
  • memory leak in devpts_kill_sb() (PSBM-41397)
  • memory reclaimer improvements (PSBM-40406)
  • unix socket created on host is shown inside CT with host path (PSBM-41078)
  • fix for WARNING in tty_ldisc_open() (PSBM-41622)

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