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Since 042stab055.10:

  • rebased to 2.6.32-220.17.1.el6 RHEL6.2 kernel (security and bug fixes, see link below)
  • [ploop] fixed memory leak on I/O
  • [ploop] fixed kernel BUG at drivers/block/ploop/dev.c:3533 on umount (PSBM-13016)
  • [ploop] preallocated space handling on truncate has been fixed. This bug caused an I/O error on ploop image resize attempt. (PSBM-13082, PSBM-13083)
  • [ploop] long overflow on 32bit systems has been fixed. This issue caused an error on creating ploop layout or converting to ploop layout (#2249)
  • [ploop] ploop image mtime update procedure has been corrected. Previously copy/backup utilities may store wrong data due to improper image mtime update (PSBM-12847)
  • [udev] udev events are now sent in the correct order (as udev expects) (PSBM-11728). Previously this issue might cause a kernel hang on boot both inside a VM and on a Hardware Node (quite rare though)
  • kernel.spec improvements
    • remove virtual-vzkernel-install rpm requirement
    • remove vzkernel-install calls
    • grub.conf now should have proper entry label ("OpenVZ")

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