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Since 042stab057.1:

  • Rebase to 2.6.32-279.1.1.el6 RHEL 6.3 kernel (security, bug fix and enhancement update, see below)
  • [ipv6] ipv6 proxies and arp proxies are now shown with "ip -6 neigh show" (PSBM-10293)
  • [ubc] if a process has a KILL signal pending, it's allowed to allocate RAM over UBC limits. This does not hurt a lot cause this process will be killed very soon, on the other hand this avoids possible livelock under memory pressure (PCLIN-28872)
  • [cpt] support for fasync on pipe migration has been added (PSBM-13564)
  • [cpt] CPT_TEST_VECAPS return codes are meaningful now and can be handled in vzmigrate (PSBM-13676)
  • [ploop] kernel panic due to use of a stale file in kaio_fsync_thread() has been fixed (PSBM-13739)
  • unrolled RedHat's patch for CVE-2012-2136, as we are not affected
  • [fuse] garbage in serial.txt file has been fixed: fi->num_openers should be updated in fuse_create_open() (PSBM-13820)
  • [fuse] userspace fuse should not get a single request larger than 128K (PSBM-13725)
  • [pfcache] possible sleeping in atomic has been fixed
  • [ploop] correct rw flags should be used in io_kaio (PSBM-13725)
  • [ploop] io context creation has been corrected. This is required for proper fuse IO accounting. (PSBM-13165)
  • [kernel.spec] added "Provides: openvswitch-kmod" (PSBM-13791)
  • [config] added "CONFIG_OVS_BRCOMPAT=m" (PSBM-13836)
  • [ovs] Open vSwitch ability to work in parallel with bridges code has been dropped (PSBM-13836)
  • [ovs] Open vSwitch bridge compatibility kernel module has been added (PSBM-13836)
  • [ext4] possible return to userspace with mutex held has been fixed (PSBM-13747)
  • [fuse] ploop io accounting has been corrected (related to PSBM-13165, PSBM-10626)
  • [ploop] ploop type autodetection method has been implemented (PSBM-13785)
  • [ovs] ovs-brcompat.ko has been renamed to brcompat.ko
  • [benet] GRO flag has been enabled by default which fixes the network on cards supported by benet driver (PSBM-13817)
  • [ubc] Alt+SysRQ+m shows now the amount of unused dentries and pruned dentries counters
  • [mm] missing "else" has been added in shrink_zones() which in particular fixes global OOM stucks
  • [net] another kernel panic has been fixed caused by an extra kfree() in ipmr rules handling (PSBM-13950, PSBM-13954, PSBM-13973)
  • [ext4] ext4/jbd2 freeze_fs deadlock has been fixed (PSBM-13977)
  • [vdso/timer] sys_clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC) has been made truly monotonic inside a CT (PSBM-13860)
  • [ubc] one more deadlock in OOM handling has been fixed
  • [cpt] ipv6 neighbor entries are added to the corresponding table on ipv6 ip address alliance even if the table has too many entries. Otherwise the whole restoration process fails (PSBM-12477)
  • [cpt] incorrect count value of dev/zero shared mem pages has been fixed (PCLIN-30780)
  • [ploop] /proc/vz/ploop_minor file has been introduced. The kernel keeps reported minor locked until user-space closes this proc file (PSBM-13471)
  • [kernel.spec] remove "Vendor", it is provided by the build system (PCLIN-30752)
  • [ploop] various cleanups
  • [kernel.spec] debug kernels build is enabled by default
  • [sysfs] sometimes network interface rename could fail (PSBM-14016)
  • [fuse] fallocate support has been added to FUSE (PSBM-13971)
  • [jbd] BUG at fs/jbd/commit.c:325 has been fixed (PCLIN-30972)
  • [mm] memory reclaimer deadlock has been fixed by removing wait_on_page_writeback() on direct-reclaim path (PSBM-14021)
  • [cpt] a false positive lockdep report fixed
  • [cpt] inability to restore the fpu state led to a kernel panic. Kernel panic is fixed, now appropriate error message is printed. (PCLIN-31031, #2275)
  • [ploop] do not limit max_hw_sectors and max_sectors by 255. Now max_hw_sectors = UINT_MAX, max_sectors = 1024 (PSBM-13837)
  • [netconsole] netconsole over bridge is prohibited, this solves the node lockups (PSBM-14065)
  • [cgroups] cgroups have been reworked in order to fix a deadlock and a crash (#2278)
  • [epoll] a kernel panic fixed by locking correction
  • [ploop] a new sysfs file has been added: /sys/block/ploopN/pstate/locked (PSBM-13471)
  • [fuse] AIO requests should not be broken on parts 4KB each (part of PSBM-14010)
  • [nfs] kernel panic on NFS volume mount in case of memory shortage fixed (PCLIN-31080)
  • [cpt] fix SUNRPC pipefs migration
  • [nfs/sunrpc] CT suspend should not freeze processes inside rpc/nfs tasks (PCLIN-31094)
  • [quota] fix an intersection of the FMODE_QUOTACTL and FMODE_32BITHASH fs flags. Intersection happened during rebase to RHEL6.3 2.6.32-279 kernel, i.e. on 058.4 kernel (related to PCLIN-31107)
  • [cpt] SUNRPC Pipefs migration support a bit corrected (cleanup)

Known bugs[edit]

  • nscd eats 100% CPU (#2345)

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