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Since 042stab065.3:

  • [mm] possible memory corruption has been fixed by preventing reclaiming of pages in the writeback (PSBM-16442)
  • [ploop] possible deadlock on destroying map has been fixed (PSBM-16627)
  • [ubc/mm] A new strict page cache isolation feature (PSBM-16955, see Page cache isolation)
  • [mm] per-bc pagecache should be shrinked proportionally now (PSBM-15799)
  • [mm] debug trace events has been added into shrink_zone and shrink_gang
  • [dcache] introduce per-bc dcache lru lists with real time shrink. Underlying dcache can be immediately shrunk if sysctl "ubc.dcache_no_vzfs_cache" is set (PSBM-16072)
  • [vSwap] virtual vSwap feature has been introduced => now vSwap does not require free physical swap on the HN (PSBM-16764)
  • [pagecache] enchanted version of memory scheduler: shadow gangs, reclaimer takes timestamps into the consideration, etc. (PSBM-15796)
  • [ubc/dcache] fix endless oom postponing in dcache reclaimer (PSBM-17067, PSBM-17069)
  • [mm] the number of vmscan prios has been increased from 25 to 42. vmscan iterator has been fixed. (PSBM-15799)
  • [cpt] kernel panic has been fixed due to DEAD task restoration attempt (PCLIN-30483, PSBM-17107)
  • [mm] deadlock in kswapd near oom condition has been fixed (PSBM-17100)
  • [devpts] handle dentry allocation failure properly in devpts_pty_new() (#1758)