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Since 042stab068.8:

  • Rebase to RHEL6.3 kernel 2.6.32-279.19.1.el6 (security and bug fixes, see link below)
  • [fuse] a missed fuse_file_put() has been added
  • [mm] a panic while using huge tables has been fixed (PSBM-17315)
  • [media/rc] a possible kernel panic on "rc-core" module unload has been fixed
  • [fs/epoll] spurious lockdep warnings has been eliminated
  • [mm/hugepages] hugepages are now accounted inside a CT (to kmemsize and lockedpages) (PSBM-17327)
  • [ubc] swap failcounters should not be incremented in case of non fatal shortage
  • [mm] a new formula has been implemented for pagecache reclaimer (PSBM-15799)
  • [ubc] fix BUG due to sleep-in-atomic in set_gang_limits()
  • [mm] limit the CT memory portion by its commitment. In simple words: if you have single 256mb container on 1gb machine it's portion should be 256m, not 1gb.
  • [mm] set commitment to 0 for unlimited containers. For vmscan priorities that means that their effective memory portion is exactly equal to memory usage and give no bonuses for eliminating penalties for aged pages.
  • [cpt] make vzreboot be able to work with new vSwap implementation (without necessity of physical swap) (PSBM-17124)
  • [ploop] fix lockdep complains about bd_full acquiring (PSBM-13653)
  • [mm] do not force scanning top priority lru vectors, this could result into forced push anon memory to swap (PSBM-17443)
  • [mm] struct gang size decreased to 16Kb, this should eliminate often memory allocation failures on CT start (PSBM-17433)
  • [fs] lockdep locking classes for virtualized filesystem types has been fixed
  • [fs] CT O_DIRECT and fsync settings checks have been corrected (PSBM-17157)
  • [pfcache] fix using uninitialized data on pfcache mounting
  • [cpt] control terminals should be restored after files (PCLIN-31425)
  • [fuse] RELEASE should not be triggered on directories (PSBM-17195)
  • [sched] a compilation warning has been eliminated
  • [sched] make enqueue/dequeue_task_fair ascend updating the boosted field and unthrottling cfs_rq's if necessary even if a current se is encountered. This might fix hard cpu lockup faced by CloudLinux (PCLIN-31440)
  • [fs/eventpoll] added debug patch to catch a use-after-free on eventpoll destroy (debug for PCLIN-31438)
  • [sysfs] provide permissions for mem devices inside a CT (needed by Fedora 18) (PSBM-17522)
  • [cpt] fixed kernel panic on migration of a CT with a process which holds an already removed file opened (PSBM-17449)
  • [mm] small amount of anon memory (even relaively old) should not swapout under page cache pressure (PSBM-17543)
  • [dcache] do not report possible progress in case CT's dcache has unused entries but less than threshold, thus CT's dcache should not be reclaimed and OOM should be invoked (PCLIN-31453)
  • [dcache] dcache thresholds should be calculated using size of normal zone, not total ram size. Affects 32-bit nodes only. (PCLIN-31452)
  • [cpt] fixed online migration of a CT with a process having a hardlinked file opened (PCLIN-31468)
  • [cpt] a file with a hardlink has been opened by a process and removed after that. Fixed online migration for such processes (PSBM-17717)
  • [rst] fixed conntrack expectations migration: missed conntrack put added, thus CT can be stopped after the migration now (PCLIN-31492)
  • [mm] fixed kernel panic on a node with offline numa nodes. In a real life this panic should trigger on nodes with unused physical cpu slots (PSBM-17760)

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