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Since 042stab078.28:

  • Rebase to 2.6.32-358.14.1.el6 RedHat kernel (security and bug fixes, see link below)
  • [security/ploop] memory info leak fixed (PSBM-20690)
  • [security/quota] memory info leak fixed (PSBM-20690)
  • [ftrace] fix ftrace_event_call alignment for use with gcc (#2012)
  • [x86] ARAT feature bit to be set on AMD CPUs: performance boost on AMD Opteron 62xx-based systems
  • [nfsd] return ext4 file system superblock time granularity on FSINFO request => performance boost because inodes are not revalidated most of time (PCLIN-31863)
  • [netfilter/ctnetlink]: fix creation of conntrack with helpers (PCLIN-31920)
  • [ubc/net] tcpsndbuf race between poll and send cause caused counters skew and taints kernel on bc release attempt (PCLIN-31931)
  • [cgroups] allow to restrict CT permissions for devices inside a CT (PSBM-19097)
  • [vedev] if devices is removed from CT, it's sysfs part should be removed too (PSBM-19097)
  • [sunrpc] kernel BUG on "root" proc entry creation failure (PCLIN-31856)
  • [namespaces] nested pid namespaces are disabled inside Containers (PSBM-20670)
  • [cpt] frightening "Holy Crap X" messages has been reworked/removed
  • [cpt] checkpointing object types are enumerated now, so we should not get them mixed in the future (PCLIN-31939)
  • [x86/apic] noisy zero-mask warning from default_send_IPI_mask_logical() has been removed cause it taints the kernel for nothing (PCLIN-31979)
  • [cpt] the nr_uninterruptible counter screwed up if the checkpointed task is stopped (PSBM-21154)
  • [cpt] additional debug messages has been added to the vma restoring error paths (debug for PSBM-20614)
  • [scheduler] optimize the scheduler for the case when the hierarchy is flat (PSBM-20273)
  • [pfcache] do not crash and do not fail mounting new filesystems if cache are not found (PSBM-19581)
  • [sysctl] add global sysctl '' (4096 by default) to customize per-CT limit for mount points

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